Samuel Merritt University Opens Second Sim Center

Appeared in: ADVANCE for Nurses

Samuel Merritt University (SMU) in Oakland expanded its simulation training by opening a second center. With more than 5,000 square feet of additional space, the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC) South allows students from all disciplines to acquire a variety of skills through multi-modality instruction. The facility will enable the university to enhance the educational opportunities available to the students in its nursing, occupational and physical therapy, physician assistant and podiatric medicine programs.

The space, located in the SMU Peralta Pavilion Building, is in close proximity to the original HSSC that first opened in October 2006. A key feature of HSSC South is its nine standardized patient exam rooms, each of which will be equipped with state-of-the-art audio-video equipment. Standardized patients are actors who have been trained to portray a patient with a specific medical condition, with whom students interact to demonstrate their proficiency with clinical and interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to effectively communicate. The new facility also has two large simulation suites and is equipped with an inventory of advanced simulation mannequins that mimic abnormal medical conditions.

The vision of faculty across all programs at SMU is for students to learn to work in multidisciplinary teams that parallel the healthcare practices they will join in hospitals, clinics and other fieldwork. The entire HSSC will be used by students from all disciplines, and also by faculty and healthcare professionals of all disciplines in the community. 


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