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Student Body Association

Group of students

Mission Statement
The Samuel Merritt University Student Body Association (SBA) exists to empower students. By challenging ourselves and the University we seek to ensure a student-centered environment through education and advocacy.

The Student Body Association is involved in bringing students together from across the programs and locations via events, sponsorships, academic and social activities.  The SBA also acts as the voice of the students, bridging communication between students and administration and providing the student view to the University during planning and committee assemblies.  Students can express their concerns, questions and ideas through the SBA.  Students can also come to the SBA to join or form clubs and groups.  Overall, the SBA is here for the students to make our community a better place to learn and enjoy everything Samuel Merritt University has to offer.

Each academic program has Class Representatives.  A class representative serves as the voice of his or her specific program at Samuel Merritt University.  They assist students in voicing their opinions to the student body association and the entire community.  The SBA aspires to unify students from each program to invoke a sense of school pride.

Want to join?
Contact the Student Body Association at

Request Money
The SBA gives each cohort funds to support the community building activities of that cohort, which is approximately $20 per person per cohort per year (August through July). The cohort must agree on how these funds are to be used, and the funds must be used toward community building of that cohort. Your cohort treasurer can request these fund through an online form. Request Funds from the SBA here.