Cisco VoIP - Accessing Self Care Portal and Managing Speed Dial Numbers


The Self Care Portal can be used to manage your telephone settings including speed dial, ring, voicemail, call history, call forwarding, phone contacts.  Follow steps 1-4 to access the Self Care Portal, and follow Steps 5 through 8 to manage speed dial numbers using the portal.  To access the Cisco Self Care Portal, you must be on the campus network or connected to a VPN connection.

Step 1:

Open any browser and go to Cisco Self Care Portal.
Note: Allow 1 full business day for the Self Care Portal to activate after your Cisco VoIP phone is installed.

Step 2:

Enter your SMU username and password (Note you must be either on the campus network OR using a VPN connection).

Step 3:

Once logged in you will see one or more Phone options. 

  • One option will show your Phone model with your name.
  • Other option(s)  might show Mobility depending on your phone configuration.

Step 4:

To manage your settings on your desk phone, click the familiar settings gear option icon on the Phone option that has your name, and select Settings.


Step 5:

You will see options for Speed Dial Numbers to configure, services, ring settings, voicemail, call history, and phone contacts.  Click Speed Dial Numbers to open and manage the speed dial numbers.

Step 6:

Click Add New Speed Dial.

Step 7:

In the Add Speed Dial window that appears, add the following:

Number/URI:  The number or extension you are assigning.  If adding an off-campus number you would enter a 9 prefix.
Label (Description): The label you would like to appear on your phone’s display screen.
Speed Dial: The speed dial number (1 through 99) you would like to assign.

Step 8:

Note that the speed dial number “1” will be shown on the first available line key on the left side of your phone, but will not be the first key because that key is programmed to your extension.  The 8851 phones have 5 line keys, leaving up to 4 keys that may have speed dial numbers.

Up to 99 speed dial numbers may be programmed but not all will show on your display.  To call those numbers: 

  1. Do not pick up the handset.
  2. Dial the 2-digit speed dial number 
  3. Press the “..” soft key lower right on the display
  4. Press the “Speed dial” softkey under the display.

Step 9:

When finished entering the speed dial information, press Save.

Step 10:

To the right of the newly assigned speed dial are some options including:

  • Pencil icon:  If you would like to edit the speed dial option
  • X icon:  If you wish to delete the speed dial option.

Additional numbers can be added by repeating steps 6-8.

Step 11:

When you are finished adding or editing the speed dial number(s), press Save, and the labels for each speed dial number will appear next to the associated line key on your phone’s screen.


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