Sacramento Health Services

Maintaining good physical health is an essential part of education and the SMU Health & Counseling Center staff are committed to partnering with students to make informed choices and provide a holistic approach to student health, education, wellness and outreach services in a confidential, inclusive, and respectful environment.

Students at the SACRAMENTO campus can access Health Services through the Sutter @ Work program. Samuel Merritt University is contracted with clinics in the Sacramento area for free annual PPD updates. Physical exams & vaccinations are charged a fee and the student is responsible for those fees.

A list of Sutter @ work clinics in the Sacramento area can be found here:
*Note: You must have a treatment authorization form signed by the student servcies coordinator, campus operations manager, or the managing director before you go to an appointment.

The health center office is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 – 5:00pm. After hours, on weekends, or during academic holidays students will need to utilize thier health insurance for medical services at private physician offices, urgent care centers or emergency rooms.

A list of Local SF Bay Area Urgent Care Clinics can be found here:

**Always check first with your health insurance benefits to be sure your visit will be covered.

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