Financial Aid Site Visit - San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center



Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Financial Aid Counseling Appointments

Financial aid will be available for counseling appointments via video conferencing for remote sites during the dates below, from 10 am- 3 pm. For any questions, please contact the Financial aid Office at 510-869-1590.



FA Representative


October 7Mary HoangSac*
October 8Saeng Saephanh and Kristi KindbergSFP* ABSN Orientation
October 13Mary HoangSFP
October 21Saeng SaephanhSac
October 27Kristi KindbergSFP
November 3Kristi Kindberg and Michael HenningerSac
November 9Saeng SaephanhSFP
November 20Mary Hoang, Saeng Saephanh, Kristi Kindberg and Michael HenningerSac ELMS/ABSN Orientation
November 24Mary HoangSac
November 30Mary HoangSFP
December 2Mary HoangSac
December 7Lily MarquezSFP

Information on the San Francisco Peninsula Campus (SFP)

Information on the Sacramento Campus (Sac)