Staff Council


Staff Council

A Forum for Communication and Peer Support


Samuel Merritt University's Staff Council is a vehicle for communication, peer support and community building across departments. At our monthly meetings we convey information, plan events and craft staff recommendations to President's Council that both support the needs of the staff and assist the University in fulfilling its mission.

What We Do

  • Identify issues of concern to staff.
  • Proactively promote the dissemination of both accurate and current information.
  • Support professional growth and sharing of expertise among staff.
  • Encourage communication and social interaction among staff.
  • Provide a clear process for staff to air suggestions and ideas.
  • Organize and sponsor quarterly community service projects.
  • Promote participation in Staff Council by all departments.
  • Nominate staff appointments to staff council positions and other University committees.

What Have We Accomplished

  • Regular campus Town Hall meetings with an interactive format
  • Comparable salary studies and salary adjustments
  • Merit-based raises
  • Pre-tax parking deductions
  • BART and AC Transit discounts program
  • Participation in and incentives for ongoing commitments to University Committees
  • Annual Halloween/Harvest Festival
  • Annual budget to hold events