Transition to Professional Nursing Practice FAQ

Samuel Merritt University is not currently offering the Transition to Practice program. 

  • Why is SMU offering a T2P course?   For more than seven years, a significant number of graduates of RN programs have been unable to find an entry level RN position. These nurses need opportunities to maintain and enhance the complex theory and high level skills learned in prelicensure programs. The T2P program provides a structured clinical practice environment and learning opportunities that support deeper understanding of the healthcare environment in which RNs work.
  • Is this course offered only for SMU graduates? No. Any graduate of a school of nursing may apply.  Graduation from a Bay Area School of Nursing and efforts to stay current in the healthcare field will be part of several priority selection criteria considered in what promises to be a competitive process.
  • Does it matter when I completed my prelicensure education or graduated from nursing school?  The most important requirements are that you are licensed 2 weeks before the program start date and have not already had employment as an acute care RN. However, this is not a program to remediate clinical skills. The assumption is that applicants have maintained the same level of clinical skill as they had when they completed the prelicensure program.  If your graduation date is outside of the eligibility requirements you may be required to provide documentation/proof of how you have maintained your clinical skill level. 
  • Will I be paid during the program or promised an RN position if I successfully complete the program? No. This program is a collaborative effort between SMU and partnering clinical facilities to support recent graduates’ knowledge and skill development. This is a student experience not a paid position, although some facilities offer program fee payment and/or an additional stipend. There is no promise of employment upon completion of the program.
  • The application asks me to choose a first and second choice facility, how will my facility placement be determined?We make every effort to place you at your first choice facility.  All facilities need to receive 20% of the total number of received applications.  If the total number of first choice applications does not give a facility at least 20% of the total number of applications we will then send that facility, at random, applicants that chose them as a second choice facility.
  • What happens if I am offered a job during the program? We will support your withdrawal from the program without penalty if you accept an RN position prior to program completion. If stipend funding is available, it will be prorated by the amount of the 12 weeks you were able to complete. No refund of the $700 program fee will be available after week five.
  • The information sheet talks about starting the course with an assessment activity. How will the assessment be organized?  Are there recommendations for preparing for the assessment? Review is always good for any new graduate and independent skills practice is highly recommended prior to the assessment activity. At program orientation, participants will be informed about the areas of nursing responsibility to be assessed. During the first week of the program, each participant will be scheduled for time in the skills lab and be asked to perform a series of nursing activities in a simulated environment. A dosage calculation test will also be administered. This assessment will lead to an individualized learning plan to identify any areas you need to review and practice in the lab and to focus your initial clinical work with your RN preceptor.
  • Where will the program events take place? The skills lab and assessment will be held at the SMU campus in Oakland.  Orientation, all clinical hours, and didactic courses may be held at the partnering clinical facility. 
  • I have not yet taken the NCLEX-RN or have not yet been licensed, can I still apply?  In order to be considered for the program applicants must be licensed at least 2 weeks before the program start date.   


Who can I contact if I have questions that were not addressed in this information sheet?

Brandy Beazley, MSN, RN
SMU T2P Coordinator

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