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Sutter Health Secure Auth Enrollment from Off Campus

Sutter Health has implemented a secure solution for accessing Lawson eSelf Service when outside the Sutter Health and SMU networks.  The solution requires employees to register for additional verification to access Lawson eSelf Service remotely.  A secondary verification code will be delivered via telephone (voice or text) to the user each time he or she logs in to Lawson eSelf Service.

To enroll in Secure Auth  from off-campus

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Accessing Ascend Travel and Expense From Off Campus

Sutter Health's Ascend Business Process Management system allows Sutter Health and SMU employees to report personal out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement.  While this system is readily accessible from SMU campuses, it is not accessible through the public internet.  To accommodate SMU employees with off-campus work assignments who also incur business expenses, the Ascend site has been made available through the virtual private network.

To access Ascend from off-campus

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How-to Certify Employee Access to Sutter Health Epic EHR


Each quarter Sutter Health requires employees with access to the Epic HER system to be certified electronically by the supervisor.  Occasionally, SMU faculty members working in Sutter Health affiliated clinical sites are granted access to Epic.  By default, these individuals are assigned under the supervision of their respective SMU Program Deans and Chairs. Individuals assigned as supervisors receive a quarterly email message with subject containing:  ACTION REQUIRED – Epic Periodic Access Review


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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

DLP is a program designed to detect potential data loss/leak and prevent them by monitoring, detecting and blocking data while in use, in motion and at rest.


The Sutter Health Data Security Office (DSO) is implementing a DLP application that will identify confidential data in our organization and how it is being used. DLP enables an organization to reduce the risk of unintentional disclosure of confidential information by identifying, monitoring and protecting confidential data.


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