Items to bring before you arrive:

  • Copy of your DD-214
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from VA

What we need from you:

  • Fill out a Veteran Information/Intake Form
  • Read and initial the Veteran and Dependent Responsbilities Form
  • Complete an online VONAPP application, if applicable
  • All schedule changes must be reported to this office immediately
  • Register for your classes on time so your certification can be done

What we help with:

  • Which Education Chapter you are eligible for... what are the differences
  • How that benefit is dispersed to you and the school
  • Student Work-Study positions are available for supplemental income
  • Any changes to your schedule could affect your VA educational benefits

Some questions to ask us:

  • How do I apply for education benefits?
  • How do I apply for my disability ratings?
  • What does my VA Education Chapter Benefit cover?
  • How does the VA Education Benefit work?
  • Do I pay for tuition or does the VA?
  • What is required of me to continue receiving benefits?


Request more information

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