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TurningPoint LogoTurningPoint is a Classroom Response System (CRS) from Turning Technologies that allows you to create interactive PowerPoint presentations and assess students' learning in real time. Using "clickers" and a receiver, TurningPoint gathers question responses during lectures or group activities and quickly translates them into measurable results in the form of charts, graphs, and scores.




Installing on Your Computer:

For installation request on your Samuel Merritt-issued computer, please contact our Samuel Merritt IT Helpdesk by submitting a Helpdesk ticket or calling (510)869-6836.

To install on your personal computer, download the free TurningPoint software at http://www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/downloads/. If you need technical assistance, contact the vendor's Customer Support Department. You can reach them from 7:00am to 9:00pm EST by emailing support@turningtechnologies.com or calling their toll free number (1-877-726-4602.)


TurningPoint 2008 is compatible with PC versions of MS Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 and with the MAC version of MS Office 2004.

For Mac users with more recent versions of MS Office, you can use TurningPoint Anywhere, a tool that allows you to poll without an additional software product.

Reserve Clickers:

Oakland faculty can request access to the TurningPoint signup calendar by emailing SMU's Library staff. They will add you to an Outlook calendar where you can easily reserve clickers whenever you need them!

Create a calendar appointment with your name and the number of clickers you want as the title.
Set the time and date of the appointment for the dates and times you need clickers. 
You can pick up your clickers at the Library front desk!

Each Learning Center site manages a separate set of clickers. Please contact your site coordinator for more details.


Faculty Teaching the Oakland BSN and ELMSN Cohorts:
Oakland-based BSN and ELMSN students entering are provided with personal clickers. Please see your department administrative assistant for more information.

TurningPoint Helpdesk: 877-726-3015 (Toll Free)

You can always call Turning Technologies (the maker of TurningPoint) and ask for Tech Support. Turning Technologies offers EXCELLENT free tech support to all SMU users - just say you're calling from Samuel Merritt University. The technician will take you through troubleshooting step-by-step. TurningPoint Tech Help is available M-F 7am-9pm EST. Call 877-726-4602 (toll free) or go to http://www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/.


SMU Step-By-Step Guides:

TurningPoint: Getting Started (SMU-tailored step-by-step guide)

TurningPoint: Beyond the Basics (SMU-tailored step-by-step guide)

Using Turning Point with Canvas (Vendor approved way to import TurningPoint data into Canvas).


Product Guides & Manuals from Vendor:

TurningPoint Quick Start Guide (brief introduction from the vendor)

TurningPoint User Guide (latest version of full manual from the vendor)

TurningPoint Anywhere for Mac User Guide (full manual for Mac users)

For additional user guides see
TurningPoint User Guides (previous versions)
TuningPoint for Mac User Guides



Online tutorials are available at:



A sample of the tutorials available:

*Users must have Flash Player 8.0 or higher to view tutorials.

New Users



File Size

Full Introduction to TurningPoint 32:00 Min  
Hardware Settings 1:05 Min 1.22 MB
Presentation Settings 3:02 Min 3:09 MB

Creating Slides



Inserting Basic Slides

1:26 Min

1.82 MB

Converting Power Point Slides

0:33 Min

0.92 MB

Creating Picture Slides

2:00 Min

2.94 MB

Inserting Objects

Correct Answers and Indicators

0:51 Min

0.99 MB

Inserting Countdown Timers

0:46 Min

0.95 MB

Enhancing Presentations

Running Competitions

3:18 Min

4.46 MB

Priority Ranking

1:38 Min

2.11 MB

Participant List

Creating a Participant List

2:06 Min

2.17 MB

You can contact TurningPoint's training department directly, email training@turningtechnologies.com, or call 1-866-746-3015 and ask to speak to a Higher Ed Trainer. They are available between 9:00 am and 5:00pm EST. You can also contact the help desk until 9pm EST at 866-746-3015

Vendor Contact:

Joe Escubio
Account Executive - Higher Education

Turning Technologies 255 West Federal Street | Youngstown, Ohio 44503
Direct: 330.599.4984 | Toll Free: 866.746.3015 x4984 | Cell: 330.397.3408 | Fax: 330.884.6065




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