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The following footage (except for the Dedication of Bechtel Hall video) is from "A Tradition of Change" - a video produced by Samuel Merritt University in the 1990s. We have edited the video into shorter segments, and have arranged them by timeframe. We hope you enjoy them. Mark Reynolds, former head of media services, compiled and archived all of this footage.

1912-1920s: The first graduating class, Farrelly Hall (student housing), and the role of nurses - Watch video



1920s-1930s: Nursing uniforms (with starched collars and cuffs), 6 am wake-up calls, and inspections - Watch video



WWII-1950s: The cadet nurse corp government program, a 40-hour work week, and $10/month paychecks - Watch video



1960s - Dedication of Bechtel Hall - $2 million dollar project with room for 160 student nurses, craft rooms, and a pool - Watch video



1960s - Studio Three  - the future of education using television, video production on all aspects of nursing, and the use of video in classrooms - Watch video



1970s - Male nursing students accepted in the program and changes in traditions - Watch video



1980s - Samuel Merritt Hospital School of Nursing becomes an accredited college, baccalaureate program begins in 1981, and affiliations - Watch video



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