Faculty Resources and Support

Following is a list of commonly used online resources, forms, and procedures for the SMU Division of Academic Affairs. 

Governance and Representation
Handbooks and Catalogs
Student Care Team Referral

By making a referral to the Student Care Team, you will initiate a response from people with expertise in student services, academic support, and wellness to ensure the student receives the necessary support.

  • Link to SMU Student Care Team Referral Form
  • If you need to speak with a Student Affairs representative immediately, please call Dr. Craig Elliott, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, at 510-867-8231

Faculty Handbook Appendices, Forms, Procedures, etc.

Faculty Hiring and Appointments
Background Check and Drug Screen Procedures
Faculty  Evaluation and Development
Program Review

For a complete listing of Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs procedures, please consult the appropriate sections of the Faculty Handbook.

*Must be on the SMU network (or VPN) in order to access this resource.

Scholarship and Research Grants

Consultation, Editorial, and Statistical Support

Funds from the Office of Academic Affairs are available for the purposes of supporting faculty scholarly work, from grant development through dissemination of findings. Examples may include consultation for research grant development editorial support, and statistical consultation/analysis.

  • Funding Source: Office of Academic Affairs
  • Amount: Award amounts determined on a case by case basis
  • Contact Information:  Celeste Villanueva, Assistant Academic Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Application Information & Deadlines:  Requests are accepted on an ongoing basis, based on budget availability.  Interested faculty should submit an application to Dr. Celeste Villanueva in the Office of Academic Affairs for review and potential funding.
Hanover Research

The University contracts with Hanover Research based in Washington, D.C. to provide both research and grant support services. Research services range from conducting full research projects for the University, to faculty support including manuscript editing, methodological evaluation, data analysis, and statistical consultation. Grant services include direct support in constructing, editing and evaluating grant submissions. Click here for an overview of Hanover's services. Interested faculty should contact Amy Anderson, Special Projects Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs, to be placed in the service queue.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Improving Teaching with Technology Grants

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Improving Teaching with Technology grants encourage faculty members at SMU to experiment to improve teaching and learning and engage in reflective practice. Faculty members who complete the grant will be featured in a poster presentation at the Spring Faculty Research Symposium at SMU.  Faculty members can submit up to two grant reports per calendar year. The grants are offered on a first come first serve basis. Click here to view past reports.

Divisional Travel Support

Funds are available for regular faculty (0.75 FTE and above) with limited financial support for travel to national professional meetings to disseminate scholarly work via podium presentations. Requests for financial support for travel to international professional meetings may be considered if dissemination of the faculty’s scholarly work will be delivered via a podium presentation (or equivalent thereof), and endorsement of the application is provided by the dean, chair, or director of the applicant’s academic program.

  • Funding Source: Office of Academic Affairs
  • Amount:  Up to $3,500 per request.  Travel supplements are limited to an amount up to $3,500 per request. The OAA will review and award funding requests. Requests for domestic travel support are given priority.  Faculty will be reimbursed for their expenses following their presentation/travel (with appropriate documentation) via Ascend. Please contact the OAA for the appropriate accounting codes before submitting a reimbursement request.
  • Contact Information:  Celeste Villanueva, Assistant Academic Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Application Information & Deadlines:  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and approved applications will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, though half of the annual travel support budget will be reserved for applications submitted after June 1.  Click here for application materials.
Grant Management Support

Pre- and post-award management support for large, federally funded grants is available via the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute (CPMCRI). The Grants and Contracts Office at CPMCRI promotes the research mission of CPMC and Sutter Health by providing high quality financial and administrative services to researchers, collaborators, and staff within CPMC, CPMCRI, the Sutter system, and across institutions. Contact Dr. Celeste Villanueva or Dr. Michael Negrete in the Office of Academic Affairs to request this type of support and to receive more information about the scope of services available to you.

Sabbatical Leave

Recognizing the necessity for faculty members to acquire new experience to enrich their teaching or to secure uninterrupted time for research and writing, SMU supports the principle of the sabbatical leave. The purpose of the sabbatical leave is to promote professional growth, development, and renewal. Activities of the leave should include creative and/or scholarly work which promises to enhance the teaching effectiveness of the applicant and produce academically or socially useful results. The applicant is encouraged to seek a variety of possible solutions in the process of attaining desired goals. Research, writing, travel abroad, advanced clinical practice, and post-terminal degree study should all be considered.

  • Funding Source: Office of Academic Affairs
  • Amount: Sabbatical leave can be for one (1) academic year in length, which carries 50 percent of the regular salary, or for four (4) to six (6) months at full pay. The specific length of the sabbatical leave request will be determined by the faculty member and their Dean/Department Chair.
  • Contact Information: 

    Fred Baldini, Academic Vice President & Provost or Paulina Van, Chair, Rank, and Promotion Committee

  • Application Information & Deadlines:  Please see the Faculty Handbook for a complete description of the sabbatical policy, eligibility requirements, timeline, etc.
SPSS Licenses

SPSS licenses are available at no cost to SMU faculty members who need access to the software for their research/scholarship. To request a license, submit a ticket via the SMU Service Desk.

Qualtrics Accounts

SMU now has an institutional license with Qualtrics, a leading online data collection and analysis tool.  Create and sign in to your Qualtrics account via MySMU. Questions? Contact Amy Anderson. Click here for Qualtrics resources.

Poster Printing Support

In order to support faculty presentations and conference poster sessions SMU faculty can request poster printing services. Click here for Guidelines & FAQs for Poster Printing. For Oakland: Email files to Craig Elliott at celliott@samuelmerritt.edu.  For Sacramento: Email posters to Craig Elliott at celliott@samuelmerritt.edu and it can be mailed to you (or picked up).  For San Francisco Peninsula: Email posters to Bukola Adesokan at badesokan@SamuelMerritt.edu.  For Fresno: Email posters to Craig Elliott at celliott@samuelmerritt.edu.

Open Access Publication Fund

Encourages faculty to publish articles in open access journals.

This internal grant program is intended to support faculty scholarship that is aligned with the University’s mission and vision and that advances the Division of Academic Affairs’ strategic priorities. The FSGP serves as a source of major financial support for faculty who are on a trajectory that could result in external funding for their scholarship as well as for faculty whose field of scholarship may not result in external funding, but whose scholarly work is nevertheless valuable to the University and the communities it serves.

Dates for 2021 Funding Cycle

June 1, 2021: Application Guidelines and Templates available for downloading
August 16, 2021: Letters of Intent due at 9:00 am
August 30, 2021: FSGP online submission website goes live
October 4, 2021: FSGP applications due at 9:00 am
October 26, 2021: FSGP reviews sent to Office of Academic Affairs
November 22, 2021: FSGP award announcement from OAA
December 1, 2021: Grant accounts may be created (with SMU IRB approvals)

Program Information & Application Materials

The detailed FSGP program information and application materials can be found on the FSGP channel of the SMU Research Teams site and also on the FORC section of the Faculty Org Canvas course.


The purpose of the Faculty Research "Seed" Grants program is to provide funding to help SMU faculty in any one or more of the following:

  • Development of new research projects/programs
  • Development and growth of ongoing research projects/programs
  • To serve as seed monies to help faculty obtain external funding

Completed proposals are submitted to the Faculty Organization Research Committee (FORC) for review, scoring and final recommendation to the SMU Office of Academic Affairs. Assistance in developing proposals is available through the FORC.

Faculty “Seed" Grant proposals are accepted on a rolling basis each calendar year Jan. 1 through Oct. 15. (Applications submitted after October 15 will be considered for funding in the following calendar year.)

Proposals should be emailed to : facultyresearch@samuelmerritt.edu


This grant management guide (coming soon) is intended to provide helpful information to SMU faculty on how to access and manage their internal grant funds for Faculty Research "Seed" Grants and FSGP grants.

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Grant Proposal Submission/Routing Form

This form is to be used by faculty and staff before a grant application is submitted. The purpose of this form is to insure that all Samuel Merritt University departments and personnel are informed of the impact of the proposed grant-funded project from its inception. If you have questions, please contact Cyndi Weingard, Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations.