Faculty Development

Academic Affairs is moving forward with a comprehensive Faculty Development strategy to strengthen technology, pedagogy, and content competency. Documents and resources related to this initiative can be found here.

Faculty Development Workshop--Thinking Styles, "Helping People to Understand People"

Slides from presentation by John Furey at SMU on August 26, 2013. John helped us understand various thinking styles and the value of all styles in collaboration and innovation.

Video on Assessing with Learning Outcomes

This video, produced by Academic & Instructional Innovation, describes the many educational benefits of using learning outcomes.

Improving Teaching with Technology Canvas Site

This is the Canvas site for the Teaching with Technology Grants. For more information or if you'd like to be enrolled in the course, please contact Valerie Landau.

New Faculty Technological Competencies

These are the updated faculty technology and pedagogy competencies.

New Faculty Peer Evaluation Process

This is the process faculty will use to perform peer evaluations of teaching.

Faculty Handbook

The May 2013 Faculty Handbook outlines the revised Philosophy of Scholarship. Please open the link and go to page 35.


“The term “scholarship” embodies a spectrum of activities and academic pursuits that faculty engage in as part of their role as academicians. The intent of this document is to describe the components that represent the current philosophy of scholarship at SMU. This document will evolve over time to be reflective of emerging technology, changing health care environment, advances in clinical practice and education, and a growing University. The goal of scholarship is to systematically advance teaching, research, and/or practice of the faculty member’s discipline through rigorous inquiry that demonstrates both creativity and significance to the profession. Based upon Boyer’s (1997) recommendations and subsequent expansions of that model (Glassick, 2000), SMU recognizes that scholarly work can include the scholarship of discovery, integration, application/service, and teaching/learning. SMU values all forms of scholarship and acknowledges that the evaluation of quality and rigor of the scholarly work will be specific to the type or form of scholarship.”

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