Term Start/End Checklist


Empty course shells are generated a month or two before a semester begins. Courses will automatically appear on your Courses list provided the Office of the Registrar has you listed as the assigned faculty (faculty-of-record) and you are enrolled as faculty in the course in PowerCampus. Students are auto-enrolled shortly after they have registered. Here's a short checklist of things to do when you're preparing for the new term:

Note: Some of the links above are from our SMU Faculty Online Canvas Training Course. This is a useful resource for helping you find your way around Canvas. All faculty are auto-enrolled in this course.


Course content in Canvas will be available to students long after the current term; courses appear on the Course list under My Courses or Past Enrollments. In order to move a course to your students' Past Enrollments list, the course must be concluded. This can be done on a system level or manually. When a course is concluded, students will continue to have read-only access to it. At the end of a term, it is important that you give some consideration to what content will continue to be available to your students. For example if you allow students to view responses or answers from online quizzes, then consider changing your settings before you conclude a course.


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