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Recommended Tools List: Criteria for Inclusion

  • This is a tool we use ourselves and have evaluated against its top competitors.
  • This is a tool we have read reviews about by trusted sources.
  • This is a tool that doesn't have major conflicts with the standard SMU computer image's software.
  • Users can get support help and tips for using this tool directly from the vendor.
  • This tool meets these dependencies:
    • This tool works in the four major web browsers
      • Internet Explorer (Win)
      • Firefox (Mac/Win)
      • Safari (Mac)
      • Chrome (Mac/Win)
  • If the tool has a desktop app, it works on Mac and Windows.
  • If the tool offers a mobile app, it supports at least iOS and Android.
  • If the tool doesn't offer a mobile app, it at least has a mobile-friendly web interface.
  • If any of the above dependencies are not true, we've identified an equivalent product on the unsupported platform(s).