Virtual Drop-Ins


The chat room reserved for virtual drop ins will accommodate only 20 people at a time.  If the room is full, you are welcome to queue up and you will be admitted to the chat room as others leave the room.  If the room remains full, please check back another day.  We expect that these chat sessions will be in high demand.

Click on the provided link to sign into the chat room.  If the session is live, the "Live Chat" button is green. If the chat room is live, but full, the button will be orange. Once you click on the Live Chat button, please answer the login questions to enter the chat room.

  • If you wish to ask a question of the SMU Admission Counselor who is moderating the chat, type your question, and hit the purple "Ask The Expert(s)" button to submit the question.
  • If you wish to simply provide a general comment or respond to what another visitor in the chat room has said, type your message, and hit the green "Send Comment" button to submit the comment.

Some basic guidelines and information about the SMU chat room:

  • Keep your language and remarks positive and professional.
  • Never denigrate another program, college or university.
  • These chat rooms are SMU program specific.  For example, if you sign into a BSN chat room, please don't ask questions about the MOT program. 
  • Keep your questions general in nature.  There will be only one SMU person moderating the chat room and he/she will be trying to assist all 20 people who are in the room.  This is not the place to ask complicated, detailed, person-specific questions or questions that will require time-intensive research for the Admission Counselor.  These kinds of questions will not be able to be responded to in the chat room.
  • While we always endeavor to provide accurate information about SMU programs, the conversation in the chat room does not represent a legal and binding agreement between the person chatting and Samuel Merritt University.  Remember that there can be up to 20 people chatting at one time and information shared can sometimes get confusing. 
  • If you are done chatting and no longer wish to follow the conversation, please remember to exit the chat room so another person can come in. 
  • Have fun!  Engage!  Learn more about SMU and your particular program of interest!


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