Modules help improve learning by organizing course content into a logical order with easy navigation.

Modules organize the coursework for students. Content can be organized in modules by weeks, units, or some other structure appropriate for the course. Modules may contain all the course materials a student needs to complete a module such as pages, files, assignments, quizzes, and discussions. For example, each module might contain a weekly overview and instructions, readings, assignments, quizzes, and any supplemental materials for a week. These course materials can be added to a module or they can be created from within a module. The Modules link in the left course navigation goes to the module index, which is like a table of contents and provides an overview of the entire course.


Modules help organize course content in a manner that promotes an environment conducive to learning by providing logical order and easy navigation. Student prerequisites or course progress can be tracked with a sequence in a module.

Best Practices Recommendations

  • Create modules by week or by unit/topic to organize all course content.
  • Add or link to all assignments, pages, files, or discussions from within a module.
  • Sequentially order content within each module according to how students will access the content.
  • Publish modules or set available date.

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