Consistent naming of course content can save time when locating and referring to it.

Consistent naming of course content includes using a system with descriptive and meaningful names allowing for efficient management of course materials.


Consistent naming of course content can save time when locating and referencing it. A logical, consistent, and descriptive name will make search and find tasks most efficient. A consistent naming system will also help to organize content logically by criteria such as subject, category/topic, sequence, and order.

Best Practice Recommendations

  • Give content consistent names by subject area or category.
  • Make names descriptive, meaningful, and consistent.
  • Provide easy to remember and consistent abbreviations.
  • Make uppercase and lowercase consistent for all content.
  • Separate parts of a name using underscores (_) and avoid spaces, punctuation, and symbols.
  • For content with multiple parts, use sequence numbers to differentiate parts.
  • Avoid using numbers to indicate different versions of the same file.
  • To avoid file corruption, never rename the file extension (e.g. .doc .gif .avi).
  • Upload only current and active content to Canvas and keep other versions on the instructor’s computer.
  • Delete any outdated files from the Canvas course.



GENED101_ Anatomy of a Research Report.pdf
GENED101_ Abstract example_01_.pdf
GENED101_ Abstract example_02_.pdf
GENED101_ Abstract example_03_.pdf
GENED101_Week_01_Research Overview.mp4
GENED101_ Week _01_Reading a Research Report.ppt
GENED101_ Week _01_Score Distribution_01.jpg
GENED101_ Week _01_Score Distribution_02.jpg
GENED101_Week_02_Research Variables _Dependent vs Independent.mp4
GENED101_Week_02_Levels of Measurement.pdf
GENED101_Week_03_Understanding Frequency Distributions.mp4
GENED101_Week_04_Central Tendency.ppt
GENED101_Lecture_04_Validity_Part 1.ppt
GENED101_Lecture_04_Validity_Part 2.ppt


Variables: Dependent
Variables: Independent
Week 1 Overview: Reading Research
Week 2 Overview: Research Variables
Week 3 Overview: Frequency Distributions


Week 2 Assignment: Research Article Search
Week 3 Assignment: Dependent vs Independent Variables
Week 4 Discussion: Evidence-based Practice
ASSIGNMENT Research Article Search
ASSIGNMENT Dependent vs Independent Variables
DISCUSSION Evidence-based Practice