Customizing your course navigation links makes it easier for your students to navigate your course.

The course navigation menu is a series of links on the left side of a Canvas course to help move to various areas of a course. These links can be customized by reordering or hiding specific navigation links from the students’ view. The breadcrumb trail near the top of the course screen can be used to navigate up one level at a time, rather than going all the way to the home page (multiple levels).


Customizing the course navigation links makes navigating the course easier. Students will more easily navigate any course in their program when the left navigation links have been customized to be the five most frequently used links: Home, Syllabus, Modules, Assignments, Grades. When a Canvas course is designed using Best Practices, students will access individual files, pages, discussions, and quizzes from the Home, Syllabus, Modules, or Assignments areas. Most other left navigation links can be hidden from student view for simplicity unless they are the only way for a student to get to a Canvas feature, such as Collaborations or Discussions during group work.

Best Practice Recommendations

  • Customize the left navigation links in Settings to the five most frequently used links:
    • Home
    • Syllabus
    • Modules
    • Assignments
    • Grades.
  • Hide left navigation links for Files, Pages, and any other Canvas feature not used from student view.

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