Posting your course syllabus on Canvas's Syllabus page enables students to easily find it.

The Syllabus page is where the syllabus document should be uploaded as a PDF file or linked to. The Syllabus page may also contain the course description, a brief instructor introduction, contact information, office hours, class guidelines, and other information not on the home page or elsewhere in the course. All course assignments (assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions) and events are listed in the bottom half of the Syllabus page. The calendar and weighted assignment groups sections also appear on the Syllabus page.

The Syllabus Format Policy in the SMU Faculty Handbook requires that the course syllabus document include, at a minimum, these items:

  • Course number, description, title, units, prerequisites, corequisites
  • Schedule (if not yet available, a list of topics will suffice)
  • Methods of course delivery
  • Methods of student assessment
  • List of required and optional readings
  • Course learning outcomes (CLOs):
    • stated in behavioral terms to indicate specific outcomes in the course
    • specific, measurable, and appropriate for the student’s level of study
  • Disability Accommodation Statement
  • Title IX Statement


When the course syllabus document is posted on the Syllabus page in Canvas, students can easily find it and know exactly what is required of them throughout the course.

Best Practice Recommendations

  • Follow the SMU Syllabus Format policy in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Add a link to the course syllabus PDF document on the Syllabus page.
  • Check that information on the syllabus document is the same in other areas of the Canvas course.

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