Cross-listing Canvas Courses

The cross-listing feature in Canvas enables instructors to manage multiple courses or course sections from one Canvas course shell.

Cross-listing can be helpful if you want to:

  • teach several sections of the same course out of one course shell.
  • teach all related clinical sections out of one theory course shell.
  • enroll students from different programs in a shared learning experience, e.g. IPE.

Cross-listing courses also enables you to:

Please note:

  • Cross-listing can only be done before a course is published.
  • All discussions in a cross-listed course are normally accessible to all students in all sections. You can instead make each section have its own discussion by creating a student group for each section and then assigning the discussion to each group.
  • All files in a cross-listed course are visible to all students unless you follow the Canvas best practice of hiding the Files navigation tab in the course settings.
  • If you’re considering using cross-listing to manage both theory and clinical sections from one course shell, please contact A&II to explore your options.

To request cross-listing for courses, please obtain the SIS ID of each course/section you'd like cross-listed from the course's Settings tab and submit an A&II support request indicating:

  • the SIS ID of the primary section—the course/section that all others will be merged into
  • the SIS ID of each secondary section—the courses/sections to merge into the primary section