Canvas Help for Students

Getting help in Canvas is easy with 24/7 support and comprehensive help materials. Here are a few first steps.

  1. Getting Help with Canvas
    Start by selecting the Help link at the bottom of the Global Navigation in Canvas.
  2. Search the Canvas Guides
    Search the extensive Canvas Guides for answers to common questions and for specific content. This comprehensive knowledgebase of step-by-step tutorials covers every Canvas feature. Often, simply searching the Canvas Guides will give you just the information you need.
  3. Contact Canvas 24-hour Phone & Chat Support
    If you can't find the help you need in the Guides, you can contact Canvas live help via phone or chat 24 hours a day. Canvas Support experts can usually resolve your issue immediately.
  4. Contact A&II via the SMU Service Desk
    If consulting the Canvas Guides or contacting Canvas Support doesn't resolve your issue, contact A&II for assistance.

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