Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect: Download Your Recordings Now

Adobe Connect will be discontinued and no longer accessible after July 20, 2019.

Going forward, SMU will be using WebEx for teleconferencing. The good news is that all faculty members automatically have a WebEx account – all you need to do is login with your SMU credentials.  There is a page for Cisco WebEx resources on the SMU website that explains how to use WebEx. Just go to the Sign In: WebEx for Faculty and staff. It is quick and easy to get started with your SMU credentials!

If you need to continue using Adobe Connect recordings you've made, you must download them by July 20. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to
    1. Login using your full SMU email address (or department account).
    2. Enter your password.
  2. Click “Home”.
  3. Click “My Recordings”.
  4. To select a video “hover” over the the recording URL.
  5. Click the “i” when it appears.
  6. Click the “Actions” pulldown arrow.
  7. Select “Make Offline”.
  8. Click “Open URL: Adobe Connect”. If the video does not open and take you to step 11, you'll need to click “Download Adobe Connect Application.”
  9. Click “Next” to make an Offline Recording.
  10. Slide the video quality preset to “Full HD”. Check “Set as default”. Click “Proceed with Offline Recording”.

    Note: the video will play, make a recording, and download in real time. So, make sure you don't interrupt the video.
  11. When the video is done, click “OK”.

    You'll be prompted to save the video.
  12. Select a folder and click “Save”.
  13. To upload the video to Panopto, visit the SMU Panopto tutorials and find the “Upload” instructions.

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