Create Media for Your Course

Every media project is unique, with its own instructional context and goals.

Here are the ways you can partner with A&II to develop the best media solution for your instructional goals:

Record simulations, skills, or demonstration videos on location

Faculty can work with A&II to produce videos in the HSSC or other locations using standardized patients, props, and well-prepared (memorized) scripts.

Click these images to see larger stills of simulation, skills, and demonstration videos projects filmed on location:

Service Requirements

Contact A&II at least three months before your deadline, preferably one term in advance. We accept projects first-come, first-served, based on prior commitments but can’t guarantee a production slot or accept projects on short notice. Find out why we require at least three months’ notice here.


Record Panopto videos in the SMU Micro Studio or in your office or home

Faculty take the lead on these video projects. They record, upload, and edit Panopto videos in the SMU Micro Studio, in their office, or in their home. Before beginning recording, they acquire or create necessary images and PowerPoints, prepare scripts, acquire permissions to use other authored materials, and attend to logistics. A&II support these faculty with training and guidance.

Click these images to see larger stills from Panopto videos recorded by faculty in the Micro Studio or in their home or office:

Lecture, announcement

Welcome message

Narrate PowerPoint with video

Narrate PowerPoint with audio

Narrate audio and upload slides

Narrate and capture display
Record from home

Panopto recordings can include:


  • video and sound
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • webpage navigation
  • document review
  • demonstration of computer applications


Here are some of the types of videos you can create:


  • lectures
  • content reviews
  • weekly introductions
  • narrated presentation, with or without the narrator visible
  • tutorials
  • trainings
  • orientation


Learn how you can record a Panopto video.

Service Requirements

Contact A&II for a one-time consultation and training. Depending on your proficiency, you can use the SMU Micro Studio with some or minimal supervision. Using the Micro Studio requires a reservation, and booking is first-come first-served. Most faculty plan and book two to three months before their deadline.


Create or update graphics, images, PowerPoints, or interactive modules

A&II can help you create and integrate other types of media into your curriculum:


  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Interactive modules enabling learners to click and drag, take a quiz, etc.
  • Graphic content
  • Existing images to integrate into your Canvas course or PowerPoint presentation


Service Requirements

A&II provides service first-come, first-served, so please plan ahead and contact us as early in your project as you can. The time required to fulfill your request depends on a number of factors, including:


  • whether a media object is being updated or created from scratch
  • how much of your instructional content is completed and ready to integrate
  • how much of your media content is completed and ready to integrate
  • whether you’ve already obtained any needed permissions to use borrowed media


These are the approximate times required to fulfill your request:


  • charts and other graphics: 3 weeks
  • PowerPoints: 1 month
  • interactive modules: 1-3 months, depending on complexity


Contact A&II for a consultation. One of our instructional designers will contact you to discuss your request, assess the project, and create a timeline.