A&II's Video Production Process

Knowing A&II's five phases of video production can help you in your production planning.

A&II requires advance notice of 3-4 months to produce a video. Knowing the five phases of video production can help you understand the need for that lead time.

1. Pre-production

  1. Consult with A&II staff, who assess the requirements and complexity of your request.
  2. Determine the appropriate video format, e.g. skills, lecture, demos, weekly intros.
  3. Select the best video recording platform—Panopto video(s) recorded in the SMU Micro Studio, or collaborative production with Media Services.
  4. Establish a timeline of each of the necessary steps.
  5. Review scripts and PowerPoints and make recommendations.
  6. Establish a plan to assemble and deploy the required resources.
  7. Create the production plan.

2. Production

3. Post-production

  1. Assembly cut: order clips sequentially
  2. Rough cut: order clips and begin to develop a narrative
  3. Fine cut: refine and tighten clips; incorporate B-roll
  4. Final cut: review with close attention to every detail; make final requests and recommendations
  5. Final review and approval: implement the final recommendations—your video is finished!

4. Upload to Panopto

5. Obtain closed captioning

SMU policy requires that all instructional videos be closed captioned. Faculty are responsible for:

  1. Ordering closed captions for their videos
  2. Reviewing and checking the transcription for spelling and accuracy
  3. Reporting any transcription inaccuracies within two weeks