Adding Video to Panopto

Follow these steps to add a DVD, video, or streaming media to Panopto.

Owning a DVD, video, or streaming license does not automatically give permission to show it in class or add it to Panopto for streaming. To be able to do so, the license accompanying the video product must explicitly give permission to present or stream the content.

If the terms and conditions of your license don't give you permission to digitize and stream the content, you can request permission from the vendor. If you'd like help in making that request, please email SMU Library Director Hai-Thom Sota or call her at 510-879-9264.

Once you have the necessary permission, please deliver the video to the SMU Library along with this information:

  • title of the video
  • purpose for using the video
  • documentation of the video's purchase, license, and copyright
  • a copy of the written permission from the vendor
  • who will have access to the video, e.g. a particular class, the whole university
  • duration of permission, e.g. perpetual, for the fall term
  • whether the permission allows access by others at SMU beyond your intended audience
  • whether you want to use the entire video or only parts of it; if only parts, identify which ones
  • date by which you need the video added to Panopto

Media Services will then:

  • convert the video to the appropriate format
  • upload it to a Panopto folder specified by the Library
  • submit a request for closed captioning of the video
  • send you a link to the video and a link to the Panopto folder where it's stored
  • return your original DVD or video to you

Please note that the entire process outlined above can take 6-8 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

A&II recommends that all videos purchased by departments at SMU be managed by the SMU Library. This will help ensure that proper procedures are followed for converting, uploading, and streaming videos.

For questions about copyrights, streaming, or digitizing your video, please email SMU Library Director Hai-Thom Sota or call her at 510-879-9264.