Prepare Your Panopto Videos for the Upcoming Term

Follow these steps to have your videos ready in time for the start of the term.

It's important that you assess, plan, organize, and schedule your video recordings one term in advance. Completing and uploading your videos 3-4 weeks before the beginning of the term will allow you to review and embed videos, test the links to them, and publish your Canvas course on time.

Here are A&II’s recommendations to help you have your videos ready in time for the start of the term:

  1. Import your old course into your new Canvas course. All media content, including Panopto video embeds, is automatically copied, so you don't need to update video links.
  2. Review the course, checking all your videos for relevance, accuracy, and currency. If you need any new videos, or any existing videos need to be updated via re-recording, contact A&II for guidance or recording assistance three months before you’ll be publishing your course.
  3. If there are videos you won't be using, remove them from your Canvas pages and assignments.
    • If you won't be using a Panopto video again but want to archive it for reference, you can move it to the "My Folder" Panopto folder once your students no longer need access to it.
    • If you won’t be using a Panopto video again and want to delete it from Panopto permanently, please note that deleting a Panopto video is permanent and can't be undone. If the video you want to delete is a shared Panopto video in your Canvas course, you'll need to consult with the video owner about updating, moving, or deleting the video from the Panopto Library. Contact A&II for assistance with this.
    • For help moving videos to another folder, see these guides (text) (video)
    • For help using subfolders to organize videos, see these guides (text) (video)
  4. Record any new videos.
  5. Upload any new videos to your course Panopto folder. For assistance, see this tutorial: (text) (video)
  6. Embed the Panopto videos in Canvas. For assistance, see this tutorial: (text) (video)
  7. Before you publish your Canvas course:
    • Do a thorough final review of your Canvas course from Student View.
    • Click all pages and assignments to verify that links are working properly.
    • Play all videos to verify that embedded videos are properly linked.
  8. As soon as you publish your Canvas course, post this announcement to Canvas, making sure to include the link:
    Before you access Panopto videos for this course for the first time, follow these important steps:

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