Share a Panopto Video

A&II can assist you in sharing your videos across courses.

How does sharing Panopto videos work?

  • Every Canvas course has a dedicated folder in Panopto.
  • Course Panopto folders inherit permissions from Canvas.
    • Creator: enrolled instructor(s)
    • Viewers: all course enrollees
  • Faculty can embed a video in Canvas from the dedicated Panopto course folder.
  • Other sections don’t have permission to access (embed or view) the video.

How can I share my videos with other courses?

  • Before sharing videos with others, or asking permission to access videos owned by someone else, you'll need to consider:
    • Where are videos stored
    • What kind of video maintenance is required from term to term
    • What happens to Panopto video access in Canvas at the end of the term
    • What kind of long-term access is required by the sections with share permissions
Contact A&II to discuss the best solution for sharing and accessing videos from term to term.