Using Borrowed Media Responsibly

Resources to help guide you in using media assets responsibly.

At SMU, we use media assets in our Canvas courses, presentations, videos, podcasts, and website pages. While photos, graphics, and video can add power and visual appeal to courses or projects, before we use assets from the Internet or other sources, we must either own them or have permission to use them. These resources can help guide you in using media assets responsibly:

  • SMU’s Copyright Policy, from the Faculty Handbook:
    It is the intent of Samuel Merritt University to comply with the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code, Sect. 101, et seq.). The University directs faculty, staff, and students to refrain from copying copyrighted works unless the action is authorized by: (a) specific exemptions in the copyright law, (b) the principle of Fair Use, or (c) licenses or written permission from the copyright owner. The Director of the John A. Graziano Memorial Library shall provide guidelines to ensure compliance with the law.
  • SMU Library’s copyright and fair use recommendations
  • Library Director Hai-Thom Sota can answer specific questions you may have about copyright compliance and fair use.
  • The Copyright Clearance Center’s tools and resources