Record Panopto Videos in Your Web Browser

If you’ve been recording videos with the traditional Panopto app in your computer, you will really like the new Panopto Capture feature for recording videos in the web browser. It's user friendly for recording quick weekly intros, demonstrations, lectures, and more. To get started with Panopto Capture, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Canvas course.

  2. Click the "Panopto Library" Tab.

  3. Select the "Create" tab, and choose "Panopto Capture".

  4. Enable the mic and webcam: Choose your mic and webcam and click "Allow".

    You're now ready to record video and audio only.


  5. RECORD AUDIO AND VIDEO ONLY (to include screen capture go to step 6)
    1. Click "Record" to start recording. (smile and wait 5 seconds before you start talking).

    2. Click "Stop"  to end the recording. (smile and wait 5 seconds before you click stop).


      (When you click "stop" skip to step 10 to title your video and to see or select where the video will be stored)
  6. RECORD VIDEO+AUDIO+ CAPTURE SCREEN(PowerPoint, web browser, computer desktop) 
    1. Click the computer screen icon,  "+".
    2. Select "Entire Screen" (computer screen)  -- (especially if you are using PPT)
    3. Click "Allow".

  7. Select how you want to capture streams. (Video/Audio is one stream, screen capture is another stream). Use the recommended settings below.
    1. Click the settings gear at the bottom of the window.

    2. Check "Count down when pressing record".

    3. Check "Capture in HD". 

    4. Select"Capture all streams separately", then click the settings gear to go back to the recording window.

    5. Click the settings gear at the bottom of the window to return to the record mode.


  8. Click the "Record".

    When the countdown appears, immediately set the PowerPoint presentation to slide show (or a website or document to full screen view).
    Smile and wait 5 seconds before you begin narrating and navigating your slide, or other document.

    (To toggle between slides, web browser, or documents,  hover over the computer dock at the bottom of your computer screen. This will reveal the apps you're using. Choose the app/document.
  9. To end the recording, smile for 5 seconds, access the Panopto Capture recorder, then click "Stop".

    (To access the webpage with the Capture Screen recording, access the computer dock at the bottom of your computer).

  10. While you wait for the video to upload:

    1.  Type the "title" of your video.

    2. Make sure the video is stored in the correct folder. If not, click the Panopto folder downward arrow and access the correct Panopto folder.

    3. Wait until you see the prompt "it's okay to close" appears above green status bar - the "okay" means the video is fully uploaded.

      This is how your Recording will display when playing in the Panopto Viewer:


  11. To access the video, return to the Canvas course and click the "Panopto Library" tab.
  12. To embed the video in a Canvas, see the (text guide) or (video guide).