Termination of Signature Authority- Policy

The department head/dean shall inform the assistant to the chief financial officer (CFO) in writing of the termination of signature authority stating the following:

1.  Previous assignee
2.  Permanent or temporary termination
3.  Effective date or duration
4.  Department(s) that apply

The assistant to the CFO will inform accounts payable, purchasing, and other appropriate parties of the termination in writing.

Documentation of all termination is will be filed in the procedures manual as supplements to the signature authority policy.


Submissions to Tax Authorities-Procedure

The CFO will review all forms and supporting documents related to tax payments and filings and will signify approval by signing the document in the space provided on the form.  If no such space is provided on the form, or if it is customary for another person to approve the form, the CFO will write "Approved to submit" and sign the form near the approval space provided.


In the absence of the CFO, the President will review and approve all tax payments and filings.

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