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2011 Form 990 Samuel Merritt University

The Form 990 is an IRS form that is required to be filed annually by any organization that is exempt from Income Taxes.  This report contains information for the 2011 calendar year.

2011 Form 990 Samuel Merritt University

This report is filed with the IRS annually as required for an organization that is exempt from Income Taxes.  The information contained in this report is for the calendar year of 2011.

Forms Glossary

The following document provides a quick resource of Finance forms and their corresponding web addresses.  This is provided to make your search for the more popularly used Finance forms easier.


Frequent mileage - SMU Locations

The following document provides authorized one-way mileage between various frequently visited sites.  The document is set up like the grids you will see in various road atlases.

Frequent Mileage - Oakland

The following document shows the authorized one-way distances between the SMU Oakland campus and frequently visited sites.


Termination of Signature Authority- Policy

The department head/dean shall inform the chief business officer (CBO) in writing of the termination of signature authority stating the following:

1.Previous assignee
2.Permanent or temporary termination
3.Effective date or duration
4.Department(s) that apply

The CBO will inform accounts payable, purchasing, and other appropriate parties of the termination in writing.

Documentation of all termination is will be filed in the procedures manual as supplements to the signature authority policy.

For more information please use the link below:

Termination of Signature Authority- Purpose

To temporarily or permanently eliminate signature authority privileges for University transactions from an individual who has authority.

For more information please use the link below:

Submissions to Tax Authorities-Procedure

The CFO will review all forms and supporting documents related to tax payments and filings and will signify approval by signing the document in the space provided on the form.  If no such space is provided on the form, or if it is customary for another person to approve the form, the CFO will write "Approved to submit" and sign the form near the approval space provided.


In the absence of the CFO, the President will review and approve all tax payments and filings.

For more information please use the link below: