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Human Resources


Prior to Enrollment in Course(s)

1. Discuss proposed courses with your supervisor and Dean/Director to determine if they are job-related and eligible for

reimbursement. Reimbursement covers tuition, fees and textbooks only.

Employee Discounts

Where can I go to find out what discounts we have with SMU?

Please visit our web page under Human Resources.



How to Access W-2 Forms Electronically

Sutter Health is pleased to provide the capability of retrieving your W-2 form by electronic means through our provider, Ceridian. While you will continue to receive a printed W-2 before the end of January, you also have a fast, easy way to generate your own reprinted W-2’s or import your W-2 data into certain tax preparation software.

How do I enroll in SMU 403b retirement?

You can request a 403b retirement packet from Maria Salas at 510-869-6511 ext. 5351 or e-mail her at Once the forms are completed, please forward them to Maria Salas.

Who do I contact for questions regarding medical benefit?

If you have any questions regarding medical benefits, please contact benefits at 510-869-6100 option 1

Where can I locate my employee number?

If you have received a paystub or paycheck, you can get your employee number that is located on the top left hand side next to your name. It will begin with a 215 number.

Employee Advance for Business Expenses-Procedure

  1. Prepare a Check Request and an Employee Expense Report.  Attach an itemized list of the approximate expense amounts and cost documentation that supports the amount of the requested advance.
  2. Obtain the approval of the head of the department to be charged on the Check Request and the Employee Expense Report.
  3. Submit the properly approved Check Request and properly documented Employee Expense Report to the SMU Accounting Manager to validate and obtain the approval of the Chief Financial Officer.