Unpaid Medical Leave

If an employee is going on an unpaid medical leave of absence, they will be required to use available vacation, floating holidays and sick time accrued, before being placed on unpaid leave. Employees taking leave of absence to care for a family member will be required to use available vacation and floating holiday accrual, before the Leave of Absence becomes unpaid. For a personal leave, vacation and floating holiday accrual will be applied to the time off, before the employee is placed on unpaid personal leave.

Vacation Leave- Eligibility

Vacation accrual for all full-time, part-time staff and eligible faculty will begin on the exact date of hire. If faculty or staff terminates (voluntary or involuntary) the vacation time accrual ends as of the specific date of termination. All vacation time is accrued each pay period. Vacation for eligible part-time employees is accrued and paid based on (regularly scheduled) hours worked

Faculty on a 9, 10 or 12-month assignment are not eligible to accrue paid vacation time, as allowable vacation time is incorporated into the workload calendar.

Sick Leave- Procedure

f an employee is unable to report for work because of illness/injury, the employee must notify the department chair/manager as early as possible on the first date of the absence, e.g. within an hour of the normal start time. Subsequently, the employee must call in each day that they remain away from work, unless otherwise directed by the department chair/manager. Absences must be reported to Payroll each pay period via a timecard.

Use of Sick Leave

Sick leave should be taken only for the employee's own illness or injury or the care of her/his ill child, parent or spouse/domestic partner as defined below. Sick leave cannot, be used for:

· vacation;

· time off for personal reasons (e.g. funerals, etc.).

Eligible employees should use sick leave in order to receive continued pay during periods of illness or injury including pay continuation during prolonged absences (HR020.1 Leave of Absence Policies).


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