Reporting Major Technology Incidents

  1. Use this procedure to report major incidents only. 
  2. Contact the ITS Helpdesk immediately; leave a message if necessary.
  3. If the incident occurs outside of regular business hours, contact Helpdesk personnel by paging 510-801-0345. Be sure to enter your call back number.
  4. Helpdesk personnel will return your call within 15 minutes to obtain information related to the incident.

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Employee Advance for Business Expenses-Procedure

  1. Prepare a Check Request and an Employee Expense Report.  Attach an itemized list of the approximate expense amounts and cost documentation that supports the amount of the requested advance.
  2. Obtain the approval of the head of the department to be charged on the Check Request and the Employee Expense Report.
  3. Submit the properly approved Check Request and properly documented Employee Expense Report to the SMU Accounting Manager to validate and obtain the approval of the Chief Financial Officer.

Departmental Bookstore Purchases on Account- Finance- Procedure

1.  A staff member from an eligible department (see paragraph 7) submits an approved requisition for a Bookstore purchase to the Purchasing Clerk. 

2.  The Purchasing Clerk reviews the requisition for the appropriate approval and gives the staff member a valid purchase order listing the Bookstore as the vendor.  Also listed on the purchase order are the following: 

·         dollar amount

·        staff member who is authorized to make the purchase on behalf of the department, and

·        department code to be charged for the purchase

Capital Expenditure Request- Procedure

. For computer-related purchases contact Information Technology Services. The Director of ITS will determine the availability of funds for software and hardware, and will complete the necessary paperwork for the acquisition.

2. For furniture and equipment needs, contact the Facilities Department. The facilities director will determine the availability of funds for furniture and equipment and will complete the necessary paperwork for the acquisition.

Temporary Staff Approval and Payment- Procedure

  1. The hiring manager will submit a personnel requisition for a temporary employee to the Human Resources Department.  All requisitions must be approved by the hiring manager's division head.
  2. The Human Resources Department will work with various temporary staffing agencies to locate a temporary employee with the proper skills to fill the position as described in the requisition.
  3. The Human Resources Department will notify the manager when a candidate has been located, and the date and time the temporary employee will be available.


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