Faculty & Staff- Update My Information

  • Click the ‘Sign In' link in the upper right portion of the screen.
  • Use your SMU login and password to sign in.
  • Logged in users will see more contact information detail and more feature tabs
  • 1. To modify your own contact information in the directory, click the ‘Update My Information' tab, then click ‘Edit' to start
  • 2. You may update the title, department name, phone, extension, room number
  • 3. Uncheck the ‘Searchable or viewable by the public' checkbox to remove your name from public view

Technology Support-Scope of Service

  1. Users - Members of the Samuel Merritt University Community are eligible to receive technical assistance from ITS Help Services ("Helpdesk") personnel. Members include all current students, faculty, staff, and guests of the university with a pre-arranged technical services agreement.
  2. Hardware - All servers, computers, computer peripheral devices, multifunction printing systems, and mobile communications devices owned by or leased to the university are subject to technical support from Helpdesk.

Faculty and Staff Printers


All faculty persons will have access from their office computer to networked color and black & white laser printers.

All staff persons will have access from their office computer to networked black & white laser printers.

All networked printing systems are fully supported by ITS Help Services.  ITS will supply consumable (excluding paper) products as well as maintaining functionality and serviceability of network printers and multifunction printing systems.

Temporary Staff Approval and Payment- Procedure

  1. The hiring manager will submit a personnel requisition for a temporary employee to the Human Resources Department.  All requisitions must be approved by the hiring manager's division head.
  2. The Human Resources Department will work with various temporary staffing agencies to locate a temporary employee with the proper skills to fill the position as described in the requisition.
  3. The Human Resources Department will notify the manager when a candidate has been located, and the date and time the temporary employee will be available.

Temporary Staff Approval and Payment- Policy

It is sometimes necessary to fill a position temporarily while an employee is on vacation, leave of absence, a search is being conducted, or because of temporarily increased workload. All temporary workers are hired through the Samuel Merritt University Department of Human Resources. Temporary employees may be used to fill an open position until the position is filled or for a maximum of 90 days whichever comes first.

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