Curriculum Mapping Initiative (CMI)

Link to CMI (SMU login required)

At Samuel Merritt University we developed a unique tool for assessing teaching and learning called the Curriculum Mapping Initiative (CMI). It displays interactive maps that highlight curricular integrity, strength and gaps. These colorful maps provide faculty with clear views of the overall curriculum and where to focus next steps.CMI's key features include:

  • Curricular maps that serve as institutional and program portfolios.
    At a glance faculty and accreditors can determine how well our learning outcomes are aligned at the course, program and institutional levels. This data visualization shows “the big picture” of curricular alignment. While looking at a Program Learning Outcome map faculty click on a Course Learning Outcome and up pops a text box with exemplars of student work along with sample assignments, rubrics, and resources. These displays are powerful representations of the whole being more than the sum of its component parts.
  • Learning outcomes are exported into every course in our Learning Management System (Canvas) making it easy for faculty to link learning outcomes to assignments and rubrics. 
  • Time and stress in preparation for specialty accreditations is decreased. Groups of faculty participate in mapping specialty accreditation standards to learning outcomes along with exemplars of evidence of student learning (democratization). Faculty members are recognized for adding evidence of learning to the repository (rather than having a few individuals responsible for collecting it all).

See our Assessment Approach page for videos of CMI in action.

For questions about CMI contact Valerie Landau. Link to CMI. SMU login required.

Valerie Landau
Director of Assessment
3012 Summit Street, First Floor, C Wing
Oakland, CA 94609
510-869-6511 ext5358

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