Business and Administrative Services Committee (BASC)

The Committee’s mission is to promote the use of best practices in administrative functions.

Role & Function

  1. Facilitates the dissemination of information on policies and procedures.
  2. Reviews proposed procedures and provides input for their implementation.
  3. Provides educational programming to committee members that facilitates administrative best practices including regulatory compliance.

Outcomes & Products

  1. Review new and revised administrative policies to facilitate their implementation.
  2. Conduct a periodic review of existing administrative policies and report on potential updates and revisions.
  3. Initiate professional development opportunities for members.

The Committee shall be composed of members from all academic and administrative departments as follows:

  1. The Assistant Dean of Operations (Chair).
  2. Administrative Assistants from all departments.
  3. Representatives will be appointed from departments where there are no administrative assistants.  These representatives will be appointed by the respective department chair or manager.

Operating Procedure
The Committee shall meet quarterly.  Agendas shall be distributed to all members one week in advance of each meeting and all meetings shall be chaired by the Assistant Dean of Operations or designee and recorded by the Finance Department.  Minutes shall be distributed to all members within one week of adjournment and posted electronically.

Organizational Relationship
The Committee reports through the Committee Chair to President’s Council.

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