Anatomy Lab at SMU

Future health professionals begin their training by acquiring a working knowledge of the human body, and SMU’s Anatomy Lab is an integral part of the school’s learning environment. SMU professional programs that use the Anatomy Lab include Physical Therapy (DPT), Occupational Therapy (MOT), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Physician Assistant (MPA), California School of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), and undergraduate students.

SMU supports a remarkably high donor to student ratio; 4 to 5 students are assigned to a specific specimen for their entire course of study.

Large monitors are placed on walls throughout the lab, so all students can easily view demonstrations by the professors. Students spend many hours in the lab examining structures, innervations, variations and abnormalities.

“The instructors are amazing and they give so much of their spare time to us”, states one student.

SMU has a vibrant community outreach philosophy and when the lab is in less demand by courses, hosts young adult enrichment programs, continuing medical education workshops and physicians to practice complex surgical procedures.


Read about the history of George Riess, for whom the Anatomy Lab at Samuel Merritt University is named:

George H. Riess, DPM: Forty Years of Service to Medical Education

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