Brain Awareness Program

The Brain Awareness program at Samuel Merritt University has been developed by Barb Puder, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Basic Sciences, to increase public awareness about the brain and brain function in order to promote brain health and safety.

The Brain Awareness program is a free educational service designed for children in grades K-12 and adults. Samuel Merritt University students participate in the Brain Awareness programs by designing presentations and hands-on activities to make the program educational, age-appropriate, fun, and interactive. Additionally, the Brain Awareness program enhances K-12 science curricula to assist schools in fulfilling national and state science standards.

Contact Dr. Puder to request The Brain Awareness program come to your Bay Area school. Students will learn how the brain works in a free, hands-on, age-appropriate workshop. A typical program includes a 20-30 minute introduction about the brain and nervous system that may include:

  • Names of particular brain areas and how they work
  • Brain health and safety
  • Tips to keep your brain active
  • Drug and alcohol affects on the brain

The 20 minute program is followed by hands-on activity stations. Click here to download the Brain Awareness program brochure.

The 2015 "Get to Know Your Brain" event takes place on Saturday, April 11.

Visit the events page here for more information.
Visit the Flickr album for photos from past events.


Watch this short video in which Dr. Puder discusses the Samuel Merritt University Brain Awareness Program:

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Watch Dr. Puder on CBS 5 News, answer the question: Is it true we only use 10% of our brain?

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For more information about the Brain Awareness program, or to schedule a Brain Awareness program, please contact:

Barb Puder, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Brain Awareness Coordinator
(510) 869 6511, extension 4876