Faculty Profile

Beth Ching
M.Ed., OTR/L
Assistant Professor
Master Occupational Therapy

Beth Ching has been an Occupational Therapist since 1985. She has been an Educator since 1996. As a clinician, she has primarily treated clients with mental health issues and people with brain injuries. Beth also was an academic fieldwork coordinator at a college for Occupational Therapy Assistants.

Learning Styles
Multicultural Issues
Adult Education

Interpersonal Communication (Co-taught)
Psychosocial Dysfunction (Assisted)
The Health Care Industry
Advanced Clinical Practice (Assisted)
Introduction to Fieldwork I
Foundations of Occupational Therapy

Learning Styles among Occupational Therapy Assistant Students of Diverse Ethnicities
Cultural Competency Presentations/Faculty Science Symposium 2010
"Seeing Clearly"--OT Practice, 2009
"Natural Texan"--Living Life to its Fullest,Stories of Occupational Therapy, AOTA Press, 2010

American Occupational Therapy Association
Occupational Therapy Association of California
Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Action Coalition
Northern California Brain Injury Board
California Brain Injury Providers' Network


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