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Brandy Beazley
Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Science Nursing

I began my nursing career in 2005 after completion of the first year of UCSF's MEPN program. From 2005-2009 I worked at UCSF Medical Center on a kidney, liver, and pancreas transplant unit while completing my master's degree in Advanced Community Health and International Nursing. After four and a half years as a bedside RN, I left UCSF to start my journey as a nurse educator at Samuel Merritt University. My interest in nursing was sparked by a love of science, a dedication to social justice, and eight years of experience as a veterinary technician. I  enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music, eating good food, dancing, and being outdoors. 

B.A. Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University

M.S.N. University of California San Francisco 

Underrepresented Student Attrition Rates in Higher Education

Health Assessment I 

Managing Care of Adults I & II

Community Health Nursing


Board Member - San Francisco Hip Hop Dancefest
Member - National Black Nurses Association


Member for
8 years 6 months

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