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Barbara Puder
Department Chair
Basic Sciences

I have a PhD in neuroscience and teach neuroscience courses in several of the academic programs at Samuel Merritt University. In addition to teaching, I have also established a neuroscience outreach education program for students in grades K-12. This interactive program brings neuroscience into the Bay Area schools free of charge. Samuel Merritt University students volunteer their time to assist in educating children regarding various neuroscience topics with the goal of helping children make healthy choices regarding their brain health and safety. I also have an neuroscience outreach educational brain expo open to all community members which is held once a year on a saturday. I have developed neuroscience curricula and programs for grades K-12 that are age appropriate and include interactive hands-on sessions to engage the participants.
I have also started a canvas site for students to enrollin which allows the student to sign up and keep track of their community service activities. Students that meet the criteria will be inducted into a Community Service Honor Society upon graduation.

Creation, Implementation, and Assessment of a Neuroscience curriculum for grades 4-6

Evaluation of MOT student community outreach project

Evaluation of DPT student small group prelecture assignments

Tracking of SMU student involvement in community service activities

Neuroscience OT 618
Neuroscience DPT 728
Neuroscience and Neurology DPM 713

Neuroscience Educational Outreach for Grades K-12
2007 - 2013 “Your Amazing Brain” brain awareness presentation given to various Bay Area Schools
2009 - 2012 “Neurons!” presentation given to High School biology classes
2010 - 2012 “Sensory systems” presentation to High School physiology classes
2010 -2012 “Comparative brain anatomy: Human brains and sheep brain dissections” presentation to High School anatomy classes and Youth in Medicine program at SMU.
2011 “Cranial Nerve exams” given to the National Youth Leadership students
January 2012 “Brain Awareness” program/interactive educational brain activities Manzanita SEED Elementary Health fair
March 2012 Wagner Ranch Elementary school, Orinda CA Science night featuring “Your Amazing Brain” and interactive brain activities
2010 - 2012 4 week neuroscience curriculum for 5th grade classes Stanton elementary school, Castro Valley, CA

Teacher Educational Presentations:
2007 Brain Awareness: An Educator’s Development Workshop. A 4-hour workshop for primary and secondary educators designed to instruct teachers about the brain and nervous system and provide educational activities regarding neuroscience for their classrooms.

Community Outreach Educational Programs
2011- 2013 “Get to Know Your Brain” A free community outreach event to educate community members regarding brain health and safety.
2011 “Our Powerful Brain and Decision Making”

Neuroscience for Health care providers:
May/June 2011 Neuroscience refresher lecture for Alta Bates Summit stroke unit nurses

Published Abstracts and presentations:
Puder, B.A., Neuroscience Teacher Training Workshop for Elementary School Teachers. AAA/ Experimental Biology Meeting, New Orleans 2009.

Puder, B.A., Graduate students design neuroscience educational outreach activities for grades 3-5. AAA/Experimental Biology Meeting, Anaheim, CA 2010.

Puder, B.A., Training graduate students and elementary school teachers for successful implementation of neuroscience educational programs. Society for Neuroscience Meeting, San Diego, CA 2010.

Puder, B.A., Creation and Implementation of a neuroscience outreach event for the greater Oakland community. Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Washington D.C. 2011.

Rider, K, Dao, K, and Puder, B.A. Creation, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Neuroscience Curriculum for Grades 4-6. AAA/Experimental Biology Meeting,San Diego, CA 2012.

Scott Beamer Memorial Community Service Award 2012
Strommen-Dillashaw Award 2011
American Association of Anatomists outreach grant 2007/2008

Community service is listed under Publications and Presentations

Professional Memberships
Society for Neuroscience
American Association of Anatomists


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