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Bill Stiers
Simulation Specialist
Health Science Simulation Center

A 30 year veteran of emergency medicine, I became fascinated with the power of immersive learning available through simulation in education. I began teaching at the HSSC of SMU in 2006 and became a fulltime faculty in July of 2009. I work closely with faculty members from all schools of health in assisting the integration of simulation methodology into their curricula. I also work with outside clients, hospitals,and universities in designing, writing, training, and implementing simulation continuing education course work customized to their desired learning objectives. I work as an Education Specialist for Laerdal and travel to institutions to instruct faculty in use and operation of Laerdal products.

Critical Thinking in Crisis Situations
Evaluation of Learning

Difficult Airway Management: Alameda County Medical Center. Emergency Medicine Residency Program.
Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management I & II.
Ultrasound and its Place in EGDT of Sepsis.
Pediatric Critical Care Fundamentals: Kaiser.
Sepsis: PACE. Sutter Healthcare.
Obstetrical and Neonatal Emergency Response: ABSMC Perinatal Group. Sutter Healthcare.
Diagnostic interpretation of EKG.
Introduction to Laerdal Sim NewB.
Introduction to Laerdal SimMan.

MODSIM conference October 2008: The Future of Simulation
Educational Management Solutions: April 3, 2011. The Road to Excellence.
EMS Summit, August 11,12 2011: Villanova University. The Road to Excellence II.
California Simulation Alliance: Magic In Teaching. Oct. 18,19,2011. Sepsis: From Clinical to Ivory Tower.

Society of Simulation in Healthcare
California Simulation Alliance: Advisory Board Member


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