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Cherri Choate
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Interim Associate Dean
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

After completing her surgical residency and  Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Fellowship in 1992, Cherri became a part-time faculty member at the California School of Podiatric Medicine in 1992.  In addition to working part time at CSPM, Cherri spent the majority of her time in her private practice, For Feet Sake, which was located in Berkeley, California. 


Masters in Medical Education, California College of Podiatric Medicine, 1993

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, California College of Podiatric Medicine, 1990

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Northwest Nazarene College, 1986


Residency and Fellowships

1991-1992 Diabetic and Wound Care Fellowship,

California College of Podiatric Medicine

1990-1991 Podiatric Surgical Residency,

 Pacific Hospital of Long Beach


Learning Styles

Professional Development

Critical Thinking

Wound Care

Podiatric Medicine

Biomechanics I, II, III

Biomechanics Skills Workshop

Clinical Skills Workshop


Choate C. Clinical Biomechanics, (Abstract) Effect of Shoe Flexibility on Plantar Loading in Children Who Are Learning to Walk. Hillstrom HJ, Buckland M, McCarthy C, Scher D, Root L, Backus SI, Kraszewski AP, Frey J, Song J, Whitney K, Scherer P, 26:664-65, 2011.

Scherer PR “Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy: Improving Outcomes With a   Pathology-Specific Approach.” Lexington: Lower Extremity Review; 2011. (contributing author)

“Rheumatoid Arthritis: Decision Making for Orthotic Intervention.”

Podiatry Today, April 2007

“Is there proof in the Evidence-Based literature that custom orthoses work?”

Podiatry Management,September 2007

“Treatment for metatarsalgia center on use of orthoses”

Biomechanics, January 2009

“A Guide to Pathology Specific Orthoses for RA”

Podiatry Today, April 2007

“Current Concepts in Orthotic Therapy for Pes Cavus”

Podiatry Today, October 2008

“Inside Insights on Evidence Based Orthotic Therapy”

 Podiatry Today, February 2007

“Emerging Trends in Research with Orthoses and Biomechanics”

Podiatry Today, April 2009

(Guest Clinical Editor)

2015    SMU Curriculum Innovation Award ($ 2,500)  “Using Point of View Video to Enhance In-Class Demonstration”  Samuel  Merritt University 

2014    SMU Faculty Research Grant ($ 25,000)  “The impact of Meximalist Running Shoes on Lower Extremity Kinematics and Kinetics During                Walking and Running Compared to Neutral Running Shoes.”  Samuel  Merritt University 

            2011    Curriculum Innovation Award ($ 1,975)   "Evaluating Learning Styles in Podiatric Medical Students"  Samuel Merritt University

Evaluating teaching methods and learning styles of podiatric medical students and the implication for medical education

            Samuel Merritt Univeristy Spring Faculty Symposium

            Oakland, CA  April 2015

Metatarsalgia:  Orthotic Options to Decrease Plantar Pressure

            Samuel Merritt University Spring Faculty Symposium

            Oakland, CA  May 2012

Podiatry and Diabetic Patient

            Samuel Merritt University:  SMU Diabetes Club

            Oakland, CA   October 2014

Professional Pathways

            Samuel Merritt University:  AAWP

            Oakland, CA   October 2014

Harvard Macy Pearls:  4 Step Skill Teaching

            Samuel Merritt University, Community Learning Series

            Oakland, CA   November 2014

FACES Summer Medical Academy, Oakland, California 2012

Biomechanics in Surgery, Oakland, California 2010

Sports Medicine Seminar, Glendale, Arizona

Washington State Podiatry Meeting, Lake Chelan, Washington

PFOLA Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

Western Podiatric Medical Congress, Anaheim, California

Alta Bates Medical Center, Ground Rounds, Berkeley, California

Essentials of Podiatric Medicine, San Francisco, California

Super Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada

Wound Care Seminar, Eugene, OR;

Wound Care Seminar, Philadelphia, PA

Wound Care Seminar, San Francisco, CA

Wound Care Seminar, St. George, UT

Wound Care Seminar, Ventura, CA

International Society of Critical Thinking, 2008-current

American Podiatric Medical Association, 2006-current

California Podiatric Medical Association, 2006-current

American Association of Women Podiatrists, 2006-current


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