Faculty Profile

Chi-Kwan Shea
Associate Professor
Master Occupational Therapy

2005 Doctor of Philosophy
Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University

1987 Master of Science, Health Care Management
California State University, Los Angeles

1979 Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy
University of Texas Medical Branch,
Galveston, Texas

Community-based occupational therapy services to the at-risk youth population through the lenses of sociology theories

OT 601 and 602 Integrative Seminar of OT Practice 1 and 2
OT 609 Introduction to Professional Documentation
OT 615 and 622 Guided Research Seminars
OT 616 Therapeutic Media, Material, and Processes
OT 619 Human Occupation Throughout Life Span
OT 626L Psychosocial Dysfunctions
OT 628 Administration and Management
OT 630 Research Synthesis Project
OT 634 Professional Development
OT 632L Advanced Clinical Practice - Pediatrics
OT 636 and OT 636L Advanced Clinical Practice - Adults

November, 2012 “Examining the Sensory Profiles of At-Risk Youth Participating in a Pre-employment Program”, Chi-Kwan Shea and Robyn Wu, Open Journal of Occupational Therapy.

September, 2012 “Engagement in occupation – Using play as a mean for youth in detention to acquire life skills “, Poster presentation accepted by AOTA conference and exhibition, 2013.

February, 2012 “Occupational Therapists’ and Teachers’ Differing Beliefs about How They can Assist Continuation High School Students’ transition to Postsecondary Education”, Chi-Kwan Shea and Gordon Giles, Occupational Therapy In Mental Health. Accepted September, 2010.

April 27, 2012 “High-Fidelity Patient Simulation: A Tool for Developing Critical Reasoning”, Tech Day presentation at AOTA Annual Conference and Expo, Indianapolis, IN, April 2012.

April 14, 2011 “Atypical Sensory Processing Profile of Youth Labeled as At-Risk and Their Implications in Occupational Therapy Interventions”, Chi-Kwan Shea and Ellen Mitchell, Research Paper presentation, AOTA, Philadelphia, PA.

April 30, 2010 “Occupational Therapy Interventions for Incarcerated Youth: Is there evidence for Occupational Justice?” Poster Presentation, AOTA conference, Orlando, FL.

December, 2009 “Using Simulations to Prepare OT Students for ICU Practice”, Robyn Wu & Chi-Kwan Shea, Special Interest Section Quarterly, 19(4)

April 23, 2009 “Evidence-based Teaching: The Use of High-fidelity Simulation to Prepare Students for Occupational Therapy Practice in an Acute Care Setting”, Poster Presentation - AOTA Annual Conference and Exposition, Houston, TX

April 11, 2008 “ In Search of Evidence - In Search of Evidence: An Academic Research Partnership with a Community-based Program for At-risk Youth, Short-course, AOTA Annual Conference and Exposition, Long Beach, CA

May 13, 2005 “Marching on to Adulthood” – Preliminary research study outcome on a community-based program named Occupational Therapy Training Program, Short-course - AOTA Annual Conference and Exposition, Long Beach, CA

05-09-2011 SMU Faculty Research Grant
06-02-2008 SMU Faculty Research Grant

Volunteer of the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT)
Volunteer Consultant for Occupational Therapy Training Program (OTTP)


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12 years 10 months

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