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Guy McCormack
Master Occupational Therapy

Professor Guy McCormack PhD. is aissiting  to develop a clinical doctoral program in Occupational Therapy at Samuel Merritt College. He is an expert in the fields of Wellness & Health Promotion, Pain Management,  Neuroscience Applications to Occupational Therapy and Neurofeedback Training and is presently researching Brain Fitness techniques to prevent Cognitive Decline in Older Adults. He has published two books,several journal articles is an editor for the OT Manager and the Open Access Journal for Occupational Therapy.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Science
Emphasis on Scientific Systems of Healing
Saybrook University, San Francisco, California
Dissertation: The Relationship of Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch to Pain Intensity, Absorption, and Health Belief in an Elderly Population

Master of Science Degree
Major: Allied Health
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
Master’s Thesis: A Pilot Study to Determine the Feasibility of Utilizing Sensory Integration in the Vocational Evaluation of the Mentally Retarded.

Bachelor of Science Degree
Major: Occupational Therapy
University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, Washington

gmccormack | Samuel Merritt University

Special Interests:
Wellness & Health Promotion
Pain Management
Computer Assisted Cognitive Remediation in Older adults
Neuroplasticity Applications to Occupational Therapy
Neurofeedback Training for Children with Autism

Postcancer Cognitive Impairment or "ChemoBrain"

Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Courses Currently Teaching:
Conditions of Dysfunction
Applied Neurophysiology
Complementary and Alternative Therapies (Wellness & Health Promotion)
Management and Administration Perspectives
Guided Research Seminars
Integrative Seminar
Therapeutic Media

I have conducted several research projects with graduate students.  We have explored the effects of somatosensory stimulation on pain perception, the use of Computer Assisted interventions for older adults in cognitive decline, the use of Neurofeedback Training for children with Autism and adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and using Brain HQ Training on Women with breast cancer to alleviate "chemobrain"  or "chemofog."  I have been funded for research on neurofeedback and have received internal funding from SMU for current projects we are doing with graduate assistants in the Occupational Therapy Department.

Scholarly and Professional Publications:

McCormack, G.,Barnes, G., Nguyen,T. Ramos,M., and Husband,M. (2014). Using Neurofeedback Training in Occupational Therapy for Children with Autism. in Autism Bay Area magazine

McCormack, G.(2013) Enabling the New Generation.Advance for Occupational Therapy
Johnstone, B., McCormack, G, Yoon, DP,Schopp, L & Campell,J (2012). Relationship Among Spirirtuality, Religious and Personality Factors Among five Different Faith Traditio9ns. Journal of Religion and Health. 51,4,1017-1041, DOI:10.1007/s10943-012-9615-8.
Johnstone, B., McCormack, G, Yoon, DP, Smith, M (2011). Emotional Connectedness as a Spiritual Construct: Convergent/Divergent Validity of then Brief Multidimensional Measure of Religiousness/Spirituality. Journal of Religion and Health- Springer ( In Press)

2010 Jacobs, K. & McCormack, G -Editors (2010). The OT Manager. AOTA Press
Bethesda, MD.

2010 McCormack, G, Douglas, B, Pauley, S, Sinquefield, L (2010) Neurofeedback Training: Implications for Occupational Therapy. OT Practice, 15(1) 18-22.
2009 McCormack,G, Douglass,B, Pauley,S, Volkers, J (2009). How Occupational Therapy Influences Neuroplasticity. AOTA CEU article OT Practice, 14 (17) .
2009 McCormack,G (2009). The Effects of Non-contact Therapeutic Touch on Pain in the Elderly. International Journal of Occupational Therapy- Wiley Publication. 16 1, 44-56.
2009 Krug, G & McCormack, G (2008). Occupational Therapy: Evidence-Based Interventions for Stroke. Journal of Missouri Medicine, 106 (2), 145-149.
2007 McCormack, G & Gupta, J (2007). Using Complementary Approaches to Manage Pain. OT Practice (July 30, 2007)
2007 Cochran, A, Funkenbusch, K, McCormack,G, Murphy,R (2007). Client-Centered Practice for Agricultural Workers with Osteoarthritis. OT Practice; p 17-21
2006 Schutz-Krohn, W., Brasic, Royeen, C. McCormack, G, Pope-Davis, S and Jourdan, JM (2006) Traditional Sensorimotor approaches to Intervetion in McHugh-Pendleton and Schulz-Krohn, W, Pedrett’s Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfuntion (6 ed) St. Louis: Mosby Elservier, p 726-768
Book Authorship's
Pain Management: A Mindbody Approach
Date of Publication: 1993 (March) 450-500 pages
Publisher Communication Skill Builders/Therapy Skill Builders

The Therapeutic Use of Touch for Health Professionals
Date of Publication: 1991 450-500 pages
Publisher: Communication Skill Builders/Therapy Skill Builders

Presentations (Papers) 2007-2014 (for prior years, please request)

March 16-17 How Neuroscience Influences Occupational Therapy Practice.and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Can Occupational Therapy Help. OTAC Spring Symposium in Anaheim, CA.

Oct 15 Occupations that Reduce Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
35 Annual OTAC Conference, Sacramento, CA

Mar 25 Applied Physiological & Biological Conference in San Diego, CA- Effectiveness of Neurofeedback in Improving Attention, Social Responsiveness in Children with Autism

Apr 14 Improving Variables of Attention and Social Responsiveness in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder- AOTA 91st Annual Conference & Expo, Philadelphia, PA.

April 16 Using Occupations to Slow Down
Cognitive Decline in Older Adults- AOTA 91st Annual Conference & Expo, Philadelphia, PA

April 16 Using Everyday Occupations to Promote Neuroplasticity- AOTA 91st Annual Conference & Expo, Philadelphia, PA.

Apr 29 - May 2 How Occupational Therapy Influences Neuroplasticity- American Occupational
Therapy Conference& Expo in Orlando, Florida

May 3 - May 10 World Federation of Occupational Therapy research paper on The Use of Neurofeedback in Persons with Stroke, and Poster on The Use of Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch and Acupressure for Managing Pain. Santiago, Chili

July The Use of Neurofeedback Training to Improve Variables of Attendion. The 40th National Conference & Exposition. The Autism Society, St. Charles, Illinois

April A Pilot Study on the Use of Neurofeedback on Children with Autism Spectral Disorders. Advances in Neurofeedback Training Symposium for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Association, Washington, D.C. Invited speaker
April The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training for Stroke: A Pilot Study McCormack,G, Luehman, M., Weber, J. AOTA poster session at Huston, Texas,
AOTA Annual Conference & Expo. Houston, Texas.

April The Use of Neurofeedback for Children with Autism. Clinical Interchange Conference, EEG Spectrum International, Glendale, California. Invited Speaker.

2014- Sensory Processing Responses to Comforting Touch in Children with Autism- Research Presentation.AOTA 94th Annual Conference & Expo, Baltimore,MD

2014- Chemo Brain: What is it? How Can Occupational Therapy Help- Scientific Paper. AOTA 94th Annual Conference & Expo, Baltimore, MD

2014- Current Evidence on PTSD and the Evolving Role of OT- Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Action Coalation

2014 - Effects of Somatosensory Stimulation to the Hand on Neuroplasticity in the Brain - World Federation of Occupational Therapy Congress in Yocahoma, Japan

2014 - Research on Sensory Processing to Comforting Touch in Children with Autism - World Federation of Occupational Therapy Congress in Yocahoma, Japan

Website  Articles on Legislation and State Association issues in the Occupational Therapy Association of California Newsletter

2013- Award for Research Software and Equipment from the office of Academic Affairs at Samuel Merritt University. $3,435.00.

2009 Secured funding from 2009 Bill Caring for Missourians for renovation and enlargement of classrooms to increase the capacity of the Department to prepare more students for professional positions in Missouri- $350,000.

2007-2010 Sinquefield Foundation- $ 241,000 gift grant to conduct research using neurofeedback training on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

2006 PEW Grant Spirituality and Health Project – $ 8,800 Research Team

2006 SHP Research Catalyst Fund – Validation of Neuropsychological Model of Spirituality- $3,000

2001 Small Grants: Komen Foundation & American Cancer Society to purchase equipment to start Clinic for Complementary Therapies.
Co- author of grants Leslie Paine, MA, OTR Director of Markstein Cancer
Education and Prevention Center, Alta Bate/ Summit Medical Center

2013- Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon Annual Conference- presented Two Papers

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS Member of the American Occupational Therapy Association 1972- Present #223834 2011- Present Editorial Board- Lippincott Williams & Wilkins- Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy 12th Edition 2010- Present Chair of Government Affairs in Northern Regions- Occupational Therapy Association of California 2009 – Present Member of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Association 2009 – Present Affiliate EEG Spectrum International for Neurofeedback Training 2010- Present California Board of Occupational Therapy License #11443 2002 - 2010 Missouri State Occupational Therapy Licensure #2003030520


Member for
7 years 9 months

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