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Gail Widener
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has been a wonderful career for me. I have practiced in several areas including sports medicine, acute care, neurorehabilitation and geriatrics and in many different settings. My research focuses on ways to improve mobility and balance in people with neurodegenerative diseases, particularly mutliple sclerosis and cerebellar ataxia.

I have worked in many physical therapy settings: acute care, outpatient and home care. My favorite of these settings is home care - it is where PTs can have a dramatic impact on patient's lives - working with people in the environment in which they have to function. When I'm not teaching or being involved in research, I spend my time with my family: a husband, two boys and a dog. We enjoy camping and traveling. We live in Oakland and love its great food, people, activities and proximity to everything in the Bay Area.

University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, 1984- 1989, Physiology, Ph.D.

Texas Woman's University, Denton and Houston, Texas, 1980, Physical Therapy, B.S.

University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1975-1977, Pre-physical therapy

I am currently interested in investigating balance and functional mobility in elderly people and people with neurological insults. Of particular interest is evaluating balance dysfunction in people with multiple sclerosis. I have received funding from Samuel Merritt University, the California Physical Therapy fund and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for my research.

I teach Clinical Exercise Physiology,  Neuroscience I and III, Pathology and Pharmacology I and II and Research III.

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Sensorimotor Integration. Webinar presented to NeuroResidency students across the country. September 26, 2011. Co-presented with Diane D. Allen

Industry Grant AlterG. “Effects of Alter-G Treadmill Training on Balance, Mobility and Strength in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis” (5.9K)

NIH AREA Award “Movement Ability Changes with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting in Multiple Sclerosis”. (413K), 9/15/2010-8-31-2013 PI

Academic Vice President Faculty Incentive Award, SMU “BBTW Effects in Healthy People”, (10K), 1/2010 PI

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Pilot Grant, "Balance-Based Torso Weighting: A New Intervention for Improving Balance and Mobility", (44K), 11/2004 PI

Faculty Research Grant – Samuel Merritt College “Long-Term Effects of a Weighted Vest for People with Multiple Sclerosis”, ($2700), 3/2003 PI

California Physical Therapy Fund Grant “Use of a Weighted Vest to Improve Gait, Balance and Function in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis” ($2300.00), 12/2002 PI

Faculty Research Grant “Use of a Weighted Vest to Improve Gait, Balance and Function in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis” ($1750.00), Samuel Merritt College 2001 PI

Faculty Research Grant “Validation of the Senior Safety Questionnaire” ($1400.00), Samuel Merritt College, 1994 PI

Member, Clinical Advisory Committee, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northern California Chapter, 1999 – present

Member, American Physical Therapy Association, 1981 - 1985, 1990 - present APTA Sections: Research, Neurology, Education, Geriatrics. and Acute Care

Member, Research SIG, California Chapter APTA, Sept. 1993 - present

Member, California Chapter, APTA, Golden Gate District, 1991 - present



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