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Maria Cho
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Accelerated BS Nursing

I completed my BSN in Korea, came to the States to pursuit my MS and PhD at University of California, San Francisco. After completion of my PhD program at UCSF, I worked as a project coordinator on clinical trials for six years. I have joined Samuel Merritt University as faculty in 2010.

Sleep disturbance in cancer patients. Symptom management in cancer care

Nursing 127 Managing Care of Adults I-II

Publications (selected)

Dodd, M. J., Dibble, S., Miaskowski, C., Paul, S., Cho, M.H., & MacPhail, L. (2001). A comparison of the affective state and quality of life of chemotherapy patients who do and do not develop chemotherapy induced oral mucositis. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 21(6), 498-505.

Lee, K. A., Cho, M. H., Dodd, M. J., & Miaskowski, C. (2004). Impaired Sleep and Rhythms in Persons with Cancer, Sleep Medicine Review, 8, 199-212.

Dodd MJ, Cho, M. H., Cooper, B. A., Miaskowski, C., Lee, K. A , and Bank, K. A. (2005). Advancing our knowledge of symptom clusters. Journal of supportive oncology, 6 suppl 4: 30-31

Miaskowski, C., Cooper, A. C., Paul, S., Dodd, M. J., Lee, K. A., Aouizerat, B., West, C., Cho, M. H. & Bank,K. A. (2006). Cluster Analysis Identifies Subgroups Of Oncology Outpatients With Different Symptom Experiences Who Have Different Health-Related Quality Of Life Outcomes. Oncology Nursing Forum, 33(5), E79-E89

Cho, M. H, Dodd, M. J, Lee, K.A., Padilla, G., Slaughter, R. (2006). Self-reported sleep quality in family caregivers of gastric cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy in Korea. Journal of Cancer Education, 21 (Suppl): S37-41.

Wu, H., Dodd, M. J., and Cho, M. H. (2008). Patterns of fatigue and effects of exercise in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Oncology Nursing Forum, Sept ONF-07-0152

Dodd, M. J., Cho, M. H., Cooper, B. A., & Miaskowski, C. (2010). The effects of the symptom cluster of fatigue, sleep disturbance, depression, and pain on functional status and quality of life in women during and after adjuvant breast cancer treatment. Eur J Oncol Nurs.14, 101-110.

Presentations (selected)

Patient-centered symptom cluster in patients receiving biological therapies (10TH National Conference on Cancer Nursing 2009).

Sleep Disturbance in patients with head and neck cancer receiving radiation therapy(23rd Associated professional Sleep Societies, 2009)

Patient-Centered Symptom Cluster Subgroup Membership in Patients Receiving Biological Therapies Using Latent Transition Analysis (42th Western Institute of Nursing, 2009)

Sleep Disturbance in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Researching Radiation Therapy (42th Western Institute of Nursing, 2009)

Predicted probability of being an exerciser in cancer patients during and after cancer treatment (11TH National Conference on Cancer Nursing 2011 )

Sigma Theta Tau, National Nursing Honor Society (1999) American Cancer Society Pre-doctoral Scholarship (2002-2004)

Pre-Doctoral Training Fellowship National Institute of Nursing Research Symptom Management. Grant No.T32 NR07088 (2002-2004)

California Institute for Nursing and Health Care: Be A Nurse-Be A Teacher-You Can be Both recipient (Betty Moore Foundation). Teaching nursing students in the clinical setting. Clinical Faculty Development Program (2008)


Sleep Disturbance in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer, Oncology Nursing Foundation: (2005-2008)

Symptoms and Sleep disturbances in Head and Neck Cancer PatientsHead and Neck Oncology Program (Intramural): (2007-2008)

Sleep disturbances in Gastric Cancer Patients and Their Family Caregivers, Sigma Theta Tau International Alpha Eta Chapter (2003-2004)

Perceived Risk of Breast Cancer and Mammography in Korean American Women in the San Francisco Bay Area. CHRISTOPHER N.H. JENKINS CANCER AWARENESS ACTIVITY MINI-GRANTS (Co-PI). (2004)

Professional Service

Abstract reviewer: International Cancer Council (2006)

 Alta Eta Chapter at UCSF, Proposal Reviewer, Sigma Theta International (2006)

Abstract Reviewer, Western Institute of Nursing 50th Win Conference (2006)

Consultant: Oncology Nursing Society Small Grant, Intervention of Reiki Therapy in Cancer Patients at Santa Rosa Kaiser Hospital (2008)

Abstract Reviewer, 11TH National Conference on Cancer Nursing (2010)

Community Service

2007-2009 12th and 13th Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification Overseas member (Korea Government)

2008-Now Volunteer of Korean Cancer Survivor Association, Korean Health Service

Professional Memberships

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Oncology Nursing Society

Bay area oncology nurses

Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association

Western Institute of Nursing


Member for
7 years 11 months

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