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Mary McCall

Hi! I'm Mary McCall and have recently joined the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at SMU after spending the last 2.5 years in the School of Nursing as its Coordinator of Faculty Development. Professionally, I spent 25+ years at Saint Mary's College of California as a Professor of Psychology, teaching Statistics, Research Methods and Developmental Psychology, as well as teaching in Ethnic Studies and Women and Gender Studies. I also served as the Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives, Director of Institutional Research, and Acting Director of Faculty Development, each for a few years.  I have taught online for over 5 years at Fielding Graduate University in similar areas. 

University of California, Davis. Bachelor of Science in Human Development

University of California, San Francisco. PhD in Human Development and Aging

Research Methods, including Qualitative and Quantitative

Genetics and Genomics

Developmental Psychology with a focus on Aging 

International comparative Social Policy


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