Faculty Profile

Mileva Lewis
Adjunct Assoc. Professor
Entry Level MSN Oakland
I have been at Samuel Merritt University since August 2000.  I have been Chairperson of  all pre-licensure programs and in the fall of 2006 I returned to a faculty role and also coordinate faculty development activities.  I have a background in higher education administration and nursing service administration. I have been the chief nursing executive in two major Bay Area hospitals and have been an educator in undergraduate and graduate education.  In addition, I have served as Director of Education for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.  I am Vice-President for The Center for Medical Ethics and Mediation in San Diego and have an organizational effectiveness consulting and mediation practice.
 Education and Certificates
Diploma, St. Luke’s Hospital, New York, NY
BSN, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford, New Jersey
Master of Arts, Nursing, New York University, New York, NY
EdD, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, major in Organization and Leadership and minor in Curriculum and Instruction
Mediator Certificate, Community Mediation and Heatlhcare
Certificate, Advanced Bioethics, Loyola Marymount College
Appreciative Inquiry Trainer
Certificate, End-of-Life Nursing Education Content, AACN and City of Hope, Pasadena, CA 


Conflict Management: Co-investigator of a study to demonstrate the impact of mediatio training on the ability of healthcare professionals to manage conflict.  Results were statistically significant (1996-2000).

End-of-Life Care:  Co-investigator of the development of a vaules history instrument to assist collaborative decision-making in end-of-life care (manuscript under review) 2001-2006.

Ethical Issues Facing Staff Nurses:  Priniple investigator of a study to identify the ethical issues facing staff nurses and the barriers to ethical decision making in their workplace (2007 to present).

I teach the Introduction to Nursing Courses for BSN, ABSN and ELMSN students, courses in health care policy, leadership and administration and health care ethics content in a variety of courses as a guest lecturer.  I coordinate the synthesis course for BSN and ELMSN students.

Peer Reviewed Journals


Saulo, M., & Wagener, R. Hearing the Patient’s Voice: Content Validation of a Values History Instrument (2007); Under review.

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Non-Peer Reviewed Journals


Wagener, R.J. & Saulo, M. (1996). Making tough choices in a changing healthcare arena.  Pontis 4 (2). San Diego, CA: The Center for Medical Ethics and Mediation.

Wagener, R.J., & Saulo, M. (1996). The impact of mediation training on healthcare manager's management of conflict. Pontius 3 (1). San Diego, CA: The Center for Medical Ethics and Mediation, 3-7.


Books, Chapters in Books


Kahn, S. and Saulo, M. (1994). Healing you: A nurse's guide to self-care and renewal. Philadelphia: Delmar Publications. 

Kahn, S. and Saulo, M. (1997). Healing you: A nurse's guide to self-care and renewal. Philadelphia: Delmar Publications.  Adapted for a home study course by Nurse Week, this publication is sent to all nurses in California. Approximately 600 persons purchased the book, the study guide and completed the requirements for continuing education units.

Boller, J. and Saulo, M. (1993). Evaluating a program, in Program Planning Guide.  Aliso Viejo: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.  (pp. 117-131).


American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. (1992). Critical care in the nursing curriculum: Selecting and integrating essential content. Co-author. Aliso Viejo: American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Saulo, M., Executive Producer, Satellite Teleconferences, 12 Lead ECG: Moving from Competent to Expert and AIDS in the Healthcare Workplace: Fantasy, Fact and Ethics, in collaboration with PBS/ALSS, 1992.      


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Lewis. M.S.and Boller, J. (Aril, 2007).  Briding the generational gap:  Conflict and Change. Presenttion to  Nurse Educator Reception, Samuel Merritt University.


Lewis, M.S. (January, 2007).  Ethics in the Real World.  Presentation to the RN Medical Surgical Trnasitions Traning Program at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

Faxel, M., Saulo, Wong, J., Gage-Kelly, L., & Dunn, D.  (April 2006),  A Service Education Partnership to Develop and Implement an Accelerated One-Year BSN Program .  A presentation  at First National Conference on Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Education:  “Issues, Innovation, and Outcomes in 2nd Degree BSN Programs”. Sponsored by Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions Division of Continuing Nursing Education. 

Lewis, M.S., & Wagener, R.J.  (November 2006) Hearing the Patient’s Voice: Values and Mediation.  Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society.

Lewis, M.S. (May 2006).  Strength, Commitment, Compassion: A presentation during  National Nurses Week to the

Health and Social Services Staff at a Staff Development  Luncheon, Solano County

Lewis, M.S. (April, 2006).  Update: Challenges and Issues in End-of-Life Care: Solutions for hearing the patient’s voice.  Bay Area Tumor Institute, Oakland, CA.

Lewis, M.S. (April, 2006).  Issues in End-of-Life Care; Ethics and values conflicts and implications for Geriatric Care Managers.  Presentation to the National Association of Professional Geriatric Case Managers, Western Region Chapter, San Diego, CA.

Lewis, M.S. (March, 2006). Values History Instrument.  Hearing the Patient’s Voice in End-of-Life Care. Thrive with Research & Evidence Based Practice, 11th Annual Research Conference. Sponsored by Northern California Nursing Research Program

Saulo, M. (2005, October).  Presentation, Speaking in a Bold Voice.  Plenary session, General Assembly,  American Nurses Association, California, Los Angeles, California.

Saulo, M. (2005, October).  Presentation: Issues in end of life care:  Mediation as a problem-solving strategy.  Annual Symposium, Center for Health Care Ethics, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.

Saulo, M. (2005, September).  Presentation, Values History Instruments:  Tool to improve end-of-life care.  Ethics Committee chairpersons, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Region, Pasadena, California.

Menkin, E. & Saulo, M. (2005, June). Presentation Dr. Elizabeth Menkin, Director, Kaiser Santa Theresa Hospice, Santa Clara Hospital  End-of-life Care PROJECT.  Use of the Values History Instrument in a program to improve end-of-life care.

Saulo, M. (2005, May).   Successful Leaders, Life Long Learning and Graduate School .  CNSA, Long Beach, CA.

Saulo, M. (2005, April).  Ethics and the Real World.  Presentation to the Bay Area Tumor Institute.

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Saulo, M. (2004, May). The intersection of ethics, values, and mediation in end-of-life care.  Presentation to the Ethics Committee Chairpersons, Northern California Kaiser, Oakland, CA

Saulo, M. (2004, May). The intersection of ethics, values, and mediation in end-of-life care.  Presentation to the Ethics Committee Chairpersons, Northern California Kaiser, Oakland, CA.    


Saulo, M. (2004, April). Research in action:  Study of the ethical issues facing staff nurses and obstacles to ethical decision-making. Presentation to faculty at Samuel Merritt University.       

Saulo, M. (2004, April). Ethics, values and mediation. A presentation to the Bay Area Tumor Institute, Oakland, CA.  


Saulo, M. (2004 March). Positive leaders for life. Presentation to ANA\California, General Assembly, San Mateo, CA.   


Saulo, M. (2004 March). Leadership:  Lessons learned, actions to take. Presentation to ANA\California, General Assembly, San Mateo, CA.     


Saulo, M., (2003, November). ANA/California: Ethical practice. Presentation to RNs, LVNs and student nurses, Napa Valley Community College.  


Saulo, M. (2003, April). Professionals making tough choices: Interface of values, ethics, and mediation in end-of-life care. Presentation to the Medical Staff, Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA.   

Saulo, M. (2003, February). Ethics: Inquiry and advocacy. A presentation to the California Student Nurses Association, Riverside, CA.

Saulo, M. (May 2002). Hearing the patient’s voice: A values history. Samuel Merritt University, Annual Research Symposium. Oakland, CA.  

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Saulo, M. (October, 2001). Mediation as a problem solving tool for healthcare ethics committees. Presentation to Healthcare Ethics Committee, Marin General Hospital

Saulo, M. (October, 2000). Hearing the patient’s voice: A values history. A presentation to the Nu Xi Chapter-At-Large, Oakland, CA.

Saulo, M. (2000, April). Challenges in end-of-life care. A presentation to the Los Angeles Chapter, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Los Angeles, CA.

Saulo, M. (1999, April). Value’s history instrument: The patient’s voice in decision-making. Abstract presentation. National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. Cultural Issues in Nurse Practitioner Education, San Francisco, CA.   


Saulo, M. (1998, March).  Value’s history instrument: The patient’s voice in decision-making. Abstract presentation at Contemporary Challenges and Controversies

for Nurses:  The Interface of Ethics, Law and Policy. A conference co-sponsored by  the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics.


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Saulo, M.  (1996, June). How good pediatric nurses make tough choices. Paper presented at the American Association for the Care of Children, 31st Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM.


Funded Research Activities Principal Investigator 

Ethical issues facing registered nurses, mechanisms to resolve ethical Conflicts, and organizational barriers; 2007-08, Data collection in process. Funded in part by the Academic Vice-President’s Office and Sigma Theta Tau, Iota Lambda Chapter, University of Southern California.  

Establishment of the content validity of a value’s history instrument designed to facilitate collaborative decision-making in catastrophic and end-of-life care, Funded in part by grants from Amgen Pharmaceuticals, San Diego Bar Foundation and PacifiCare Foundation.   Co-Investigator and not funded An empirical study of the role of social workers and nurses in ethical decision making in health care settings. Department of Social Work, University of Southern California, Spring, 1998 to June 2000 T

The effect of an organization-wide intervention on nurse report of collaboration and satisfaction with decision making in collaboration with Ann Dechairo, Chief Nursing Office, Associate, Administrator, USC University Hospital, Los Angeles, CA.

 Personality theory and decision-making styles of case managers, in collaboration with The Center for Medical Ethics and Mediation in San Diego, CA


"Teaching Like Your Hair is on Fire" (March, 2007)

Selected by BSN and ELMSN students to make closing remarks at their Pinning Ceremony(2006)

Advancement of Practice, Education & Research Award by Faculty USC Department of Nursing. 1998 

Selected: Graduation Speaker, Graduate student luncheon, University of Southern California, 1998

Selected as USC graduation Faculty Marshall, graduate nursing students, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.  1997

Selected as “Faculty Member of the Year,” graduate students, University of Southern California, 1996.  

Ford Foundation Grant recipient. One of six California Nurses sent to London to study the health care system, job satisfaction in British nursing. Worked at St. Christopher's Hospice under Dame Cicely Saunders, 1974.

National Organizations

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses   American Society of Bioethics and Humanities  Sigma Theta Tau, National Honor Nursing Society, Nu-Xi Chapter at Large   Professionals in Development in Higher Education   Midwest Bioethics Center  The Hastings Center  American Association of Critical Care Nurses  Ethics Advisory Panel Instructional Leadership Network Steering Committee,  American Association, of Colleges of Nursing Membership – State Organizations

 Vice President, The Center for Medical Ethics and Mediation, San Diego            

Association of California Nurse Leaders – Member  

Secretary, American Nurses’ Association/California, Board of Directors 

Chairperson, Program Committee, California Institute for Nursing and Health Care American Nurses’ Association/California,

Member, Board of Directors; Co-Chair,  Practice & Ethics Committee. Sigma Theta Tau, Nu Xi, Chapter-At-Large, 2nd Vice-President, Chair, Membership Involvement 

American Nurses’ Association California, Ethics Advisor 

College and Community Service  Committees and Task Forces           

 Faculty Committee and Chair, 2006-present          

College Assessment Committee, 2006-present

Accelerated BSN Program, 2004            

Chair, O.T. Search Committee, 2003           

Curriculum Committee, Chair, 2003-2005           

Curriculum Committee, Interim Chair 2003           

Faculty Work Load Task Force, 2003-2006           

College Curriculum Committee, 2002-2005           

Academic Council, 2000-2006           

Academic Policy and Admissions Committee, 2000-2004

Academic Integrity Task Force, 2002-2004

Undergraduate Committee, Chairperson, 2000-2005           

Member, Graduate Committee, 2000-2005           

Member, Intercollegiate Nursing Council, 2000-2005  

St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California, Committees/Task Force                       

Institutional Review Board, 2003-2005WASC Steering Committee, Chairperson, Standard 2, 2001-2003           

Educational Policies Board, 2000-2005           

 Undergraduate Policies Board, 2000-2005           

Academic Integrity Task Force, 2000-2003           

Leadership Council, School of Extended Education, 2001  

Community Service - Classes for the Lay Public

Planning the End of the Journey:  Two part series designed to educate consumers about end-of-life care, patient’s rights, writing advanced directive, choosing a surrogate, navigating the health care system, and use of available resources.    

Vision of Wholeness: Responding to America's Health Care Crisis. An overview of  healthcare reform efforts nationally and in California. 

Appreciative Inquiry:  A planning model for non-profits built on a four phase process:  Appreciate and Value the best of “what is”; Envision what might be; Dialogue about “What should be”, and Innovating “what will be”.


Member for
11 years 11 months

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